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Jim Witt's long range weather forecast research began in the 1960's while Jim taught at the Lakeland School District in Northern Westchester. Jim successfully developed and administered a high school level weather program recognized nationwide.

This remarkable calendar, using Jim Witt's extensive research, gives the weather for every day of the upcoming year.

When you purchase the Long Range Weather Calendar by mail or in any of the participating stores, your contributions provide assistance to the Hope For Youth Foundation. The cost of the calendar is only $8.00 when purchased at any of the participating stores (tax deductible). This past year the calendar raised over $100,000 for children's charities in the local area. This brings the total monies collected to over $2,000,000.

As the monies become available, the Board of Directors of the Foundation distribute the net proceeds to child-oriented organizations. Proceeds from last years calendar helped Friends of Karen, an organization providing help to terminally ill children and their families, as well as to over 40 other groups caring for the special needs of local children.

Our Mission

The Hope for Youth Foundation/Peekskill Rotary Club (HFY) donates money to area children's charities. HFY assists children who are mentally and/or physically challenged, or who are ill or disadvantaged. HFY also supports youth programs which facilitate healthy growth whether it is academic, emotional or athletic.

The 2013 Hudson Valley Weather Calendar is in stores now!

Contact: Jim Witt