Orca - Industrial Command Ship

Welcome to the Minor Research [XMR] home page!
Principal: Christian Minor

About Me

XMR is a corporation composed of one entity spanning three humans. In this form, I am capable of highly efficient mining, refining, research, invention, manufacturing, and sale. Two exhumers and one industrial command ship are typical mining operations. Refining is 100% at a variety of Caldari Navy stations. I operate a small station in Liekuri, with 10 ME, 10 PE, 10 invention, and 5 copy slots. My corporation's offices are located in a fairly slow system, commonly manufacturing slot wait times range from immediate to 24 hours. It is a short range from Jita, where I can acquire moon materials and high-end minerals at competitive prices. I own a wide array of module and drone bpo's, and all Caldari Cruiser and smaller ships. I own well researched Raven and Drake bpo's.

I am currently interested in leasing 0.0 space for asteroid mining and moon mining! I can offer dues, taxes, or payment in industrial products, including T1 and T2 ships, T2 modules, and other materials. I am just a few weeks from piloting a jump freighter, so if your alliance would like a supplier of t2 goods, and consumer of high-end minerals, please eve-mail me.


January 22,2009
With the purchase of an Orca (pictured above), I am more capable of boosting mining operations and transporting ore. All members are training to fly capital ships. I anticipate being able to take and hold a moon in low-sec within six months.

Contracted research available at competitive rates.

This is not a pvp corp, and we are not recruiting.