The chase with indexicals

Figure 18. Nested situations with unresolved indexicals

The large context box of Figure 18 encloses the entire situation, which occurred at the point in time (PTim) of 10:17 UCT. It contains concept nodes that represent the cat Yojo, the mouse, and three nested situations connected by the (Next) relation. Before that CG can be translated to predicate calculus, the indexicals must be resolved to links or labels that explicitly show the coreferences. To avoid multiple line crossings, Figure 19 introduces the coreference labels *x for Yojo and *y for the mouse. Subsequent references use the same labels, but with the prefix ? in the bound occcurrences of [?x] for Yojo and [?y] for the mouse. The # symbol in the concept [Head: #] of Figure 18 is erased in Figure 19, since the head of a normal mouse is uniquely determined when the mouse itself is identified.