“Get” Lost — entry #1a: July 10, 2005 (John P partial dissent)

John agreed with most of my July 8, 2005 conclusions, but asked that I write up this partial dissent as his entry. It includes additional conclusions that were his.

John has in mind a different background and role for Locke. He thinks Locke has Special Forces training and a background in military intel, as displayed by his skills. The reference to him as “Colonel” would be interesting as a writer's double reverse. (Have you heard the song that goes, “First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is”?)

John P. sees Craphole as a location for the playing-out of a long battle between hidden powers. To that end, Locke has been under deep cover, in which he had faked paralysis for years, to infiltrate this...scheme. That puts him in opposition to those Allie has named the Island Powers. Locke knows Jack and Kate to be conspirators with some outside power, though not necessarily the Island Powers. For the time being, Locke thinks the Losties could be useful to him in their ignorance, and he wants their community to remain intact.

John P. sees the Fiji Islands group as an alternative location for Craphole.

He thinks at least some of the pistols used may have had blank loads, which would explain some near misses we've seen. If blanks were used to ostensibly shoot the polar bear, the real shooting would've been accomplished by a hidden shooter.

From the behavior of the “pirates” and of Sawyer, John deduces that children (such as Walt and Formerly Pregnant Lady Claire's baby) are a sought-after commodity in the vicinity of Craphole, but has as yet not determined the significance of such valuation.

John figured the naming of Walt and Michael to refer to Walt Disney and Michael Eisner. Heh...”You're not my father.”

Also, John wonders why Jin and Sawyer wound up on a raft. Were they going down the Mississippi?