“Get” Lost entry of John P. (“survivor of flight 815”), Dec. 1, 2007

The plane crash was fake as the “mad” Rousseau told Said. When planes in flight fall to earth, they leave very few survivors. In the beginning of episode 7 season 2 the water splashing scene shows an upside down view of the island. This could only occur if a passenger were lowered into the water head first, lifted, redropped.

Ben gave Goodwin one hour to get to tail beach. Ana spotted him ten minutes after the “crash”. What happened to the missing 50 minutes?

The others and the body disposal unit are stingy on their info exchange. 10 minutes after the crash front section Charlie is at center section crash site. “Higher” than usual? No junky leaves his stash behind.

Season 3 2nd Juliet episode flashback: Juliet tells Goodwin, “Tomorrow I will have been here for 3 years.” She then receives X rays of Ben where she calls him a liar.

Next day is “crash” day. Right after book club Ben tells Juliet, “Yesterday you called me a liar....”

Season 3 episode 5, real time: Alone with Jack, Ben says, “...2 days after my diagnosis, you fall out of the sky....”

This adds up to one of 2 choices:

  1. Juliet suffers lots of missing time

  2. Jack arrives after “crash” day -- the “crash” being a 2 day operation.

“The Other 48 Days” counts up from 1 to 48. “Exposé” counts down from 80 to 1. Like BC/AD someone left out year zero.

Season 1 episode 1: “...please fasten your seatbelts.” Cindy must have run to the tail section just in time to get a seat and an “O2” mask. Did she also have time to put an O2 mask on Ana L. — who should have been out cold by this time? She had less time than Kate did to attach Fed Marshal's mask (and then her own).

Previously she arrived 1 hr. late with alcohol bottles for Jack — his inducement to visit Ana in seat 42F. She chased Charlie around the deck to keep him in his seat. Poor Charlie, he crashed in front section and woke up near center beach. Was he flying higher than usual?

Cindy falied to maneuver Jack to the tail. She failed to keep Charlie and Bernard out of the rest rooms. Was it coincidence that the 2 doctors on flgith 815 (not counting Xtian) end up in anomalous locations on the ground?

If Cindy made any mistakes, she wasn't worried, she was going home. No one would notice. How convenient for her to catch a ride on 815. How convenient for her to end up in tail section.

Ep 24 season 3: On the day he died, Tom was talking to Ben via walkie talkie. He mentioned prisoners Said and Jin by their last names. But when he comes to Bernard he pauses and says “the dentist” — somewhat contemptuously. Could the Others have developed an Albatross Complex about the Dr. in the wrong tree? Could Bernard's real last name be Sheppard or Shepperd or Shephard, etc.? Was it Ben's fault that the Body Disposal Unit was kept in the dark? Was Nathan a saboteur from the “company”?

Keep your eyes on the restrooms.