Dr. Bob's Unique Bubble Bath is intended for amusement or relaxation purposes in tubs and kiddie pools and prevention of bathtub rings.   It is not intended for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering appearance, and is therefore not a "cosmetic" under food & drug law.  If you want to get clean while using Dr. Bob's, use soap.  No guarantee is made that the soap you use with Dr. Bob's will not cause urinary or genital irritation, although Dr. Bob's by itself does not cause such irritation.

Dr. Bob's should not be used as hair shampoo.  Although the wet foam produced by Dr. Bob's on bath water does not sting eyes, concentrated lather produced by attempting to use Dr. Bob's as shampoo may sting eyes. Also, Dr. Bob's does not contain preservatives such as those used to keep micro-organisms that may infect eyes from growing in shampoos. Bath water is full of germs anyway, so any tiny amount that may come from a bottle of Dr. Bob's is not a concern in a bath. However, the manufacturer will keep Dr. Bob's as clean as practicable.

Although Dr. Bob's does not cause urinary or genital irritation, and is generally very mild, it can de-fat skin just like any soap. It is not a substitute for bath oil for people with very dry skin.