I invented MarshWallow for the children of Carol B. Low. She took unsolicited photographs of their first use of it and sent prints to me. Shortly afterward, when friends convinced me to pursue commercializing this invention, I negotiated from the Low family the rights to use the pictures commercially. Unauthorized reproduction of them is prohibited. Thanks to Nadine & Charlie Robiczek/Raspil for use of their flat bed digitizer and computer for those scans.  For more about Carol and her childrenplease read this.

Photos of Darklady are by Byron O'Brien and copyright by Theresa Reed, all rights reserved, used by me under license.

Several suppliers were very nice about supplying sample ingredients for development and testing of MarshWallow. Notable among them are Mona Industries, McIntyre Group, and Scher Chemical Co. in Paterson, N.J.

Stenu Robinson's Spectrum Inc., Bronx, N.Y. very kindly manufactured a small batch of my formula for a co-op buy.

Bob McDaniel, who makes and markets soap and other bath products and is known in some forums on the subject as "Dr. Bob", kindly consented to the use of "Dr. Bob's" as part of Harry Stendhal's trademark.

Paul Huibers laid out an earlier version of this HTML document as part of the Surfactants Virtual Library, now defunct.

Many people who prefer to remain anonymous volunteered as subjects to test my formula against urogenital irritancy, and to answer lots of questions about themselves and their children on topics that are usually very private.

Harry Stendhal came up with the slogan "lets them linger in the lather" and "Dr. Bob's Unique Bubble Bath, Luxuriant and Elegant", a semi-acrostic for "Dr. BUBBLE", get it? He retains those trademarks.