Robert M. Goodman, Ph. D.

1402 Astor Avenue

Bronx, NY 10469

Tel: 718-547-4165



Carmasara, 2012-: Science consultant, responsible for writing reviews of science for investors and submission of safety data and testing rationale to IRB.

Natural Clinical Trials Network, 2008-: Science director and coordinator of international clinical trials, responsible for writing and amendment of protocols, maintenance of research databases, and analysis and reporting of results.

Mercy College, 1999-2007: Adjunct professor, taught various Biology, Chemistry, and Principles of Science courses.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, 1998-9: Sr. Statistical Analyst, AIDS program. Patient database maintenance, data entry, filing, and delivery of hard copy reports. Wrote query programs.

UMDNJ, Newark, 1993-5: Research fellow in Cancer Biology Section. Research directed at prevention of melanoma, and toward making radiation more effective on resistant tumors.

d.b.a. Progress Products, 1991 ā€“ present

computer programming

Developed semi-automatic algorithm using Excel for HPLC data for H.Z. Hill.

Wrote BASIC program for analysis of single cell biophysical data for Joseph Capasso.

medical editing and technical consulting with authors

Analyzed and wrote conclusions of phase II clinical trial of weight loss and lipid modifying dietary supplement for Nutramerica Corp.

Editor and proofreader of books and instructional materials on virology for Bob Blumetti.

Consulted on Green Up Your Cleanup (Creative Homeowner 2008) for author Jill Schoff.

Reviewed medical abstracts and edited publications for general audiences for Gary Null.

Reviewed literature on therapeutic yeast digest for Personal Health Care Products, and on other products for clients of Ralph Fucetola.

invention, development, clinical testing, and promotion

Assistant in clinical testing of device by JLR, Inc. to counter motion sickness.

Topical prep for persons susceptible to chemical vulvovaginitis or urethritis. Supv'd phase I and IV clinical trials and production. U.S. patent 5,336,446, prosecuted pro se.

Use of a-adrenergic agonist oral preparation without adverse stimulant effects. Conducted phase II clinical trial. U.S. patent 4,980,364, prosecuted pro se.

Chiral crystal growing kit. Took advantage of glut of L-trp after ban as dietary supplement. HPLC analyzed vs. trace toxicants, developed literature for kit; profited.

For new product of Continental Group LLC, formulation, toxicity and performance tests.

Reverse engineered components of composition for Sterling Johnson. Did performance and chemical tests, and contracted for and analyzed results of GC-MS and HPLC.

For J&J-Columbia U. clinical trial of topical, corrected subject info to prevent unblinding.

Supervised synthesis of sodium oxybate for The Doubling Cube.

Independent sales rep of for Advanced Research 2000, Healthy ā€˜Nā€™ Fit, and Beutlich.


Tutor high school, college, and medical students in math and science.

data analysis

Spreadsheet entry, programming, and reports for commodity markets by William Sarubbi.

National Medical Care, Inc.

Medical Products Div., 1989-92: Sr. Biomedical Engineer and Scientist. Analyzed results of clinical trials of products related to hemo- and peritoneal dialysis and hemoperfusion. Supervised study of stability of peritoneal dialysate. Studied hemodialyzer and blood line reprocessing along with development of chlorine dioxide-generating and peracetic acid sterilants. Developed assay of hemodialyzers for endotoxin. Other studies of storage and integrity of dialysis equipment and tasks involving supervision of technicians.

Bronx Dialysis Center, 1975: Technician. Preparation of equipment, venipuncture, supervision and ending National Medical Care, Inc.

Medical Products Div., 1989-92: Sr. Biomedical Engineer and Scientist. Analyzed results ofof treatment, including monitoring of blood pressure and anticoagulation.

Schwab Rehabilitation Hosp., 1979-80: Medical librarian and personnel secretary.

William Frishman, M.D., 1978: Assistant in analysis of clinical data of beta blocking drug.

Institute for Cancer Research, Columbia Univ., 1975: Research associate in lab of I.B. Weinstein.


undergraduate: Columbia University, A.B. in Chemistry.

medical: University of Health Sciences, Chicago Medical School. Passed National Board of Medical Examiners, Part 1, and courses in Anatomy (gross, developmental, micro, neuro), Physiology (gen'l, neuro), Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physical Examination and Diagnosis, Psychiatry, and Neurology. Also took Pediatrics and Obs-Gyn.

doctoral: New York Medical College, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, laboratory of Ira S. Schwartz, Ph.D. Research was on the enzymology and transcriptional control of bacterial protein synthesis.

CLINICAL SKILLS: Physical, neurologic, and mental status exams. Venipuncture. Certified in CPR. Safety certified by National Youth Sports Coaching Ass'n.

COMPUTER SKILLS: User of word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics, desktop publishing, communication programs, and HTML. Programmer in FoxPro, COBOL, Pascal, BASIC, Fortran, Unix/Linux shell script, MS-DOS batch, AppleDOS exec, and WordPerfect batch languages. Learned 80386 assembler. User of CP/M, MS-DOS, MacIntosh, Windows, Unix, and Linux OS.