Seeing and Changing the World

Religious Freedom as Chinese Family Dinner -- written 1997 after overturn of Religious Freedom Restoration Act and introduction of other Religious Freedom Act bills.

Bronx Conservative Party

Bronx Conservative Committee
(This is an organization distinct from the Bronx Conservative Party. It hosts an annual dinner-dance that raises funds for its various educational activities.)

The following are Word Perfect 5.1 files. You may download by right clicking on them, or whatever else your browser needs to download, and view them in any word processor that reads Word Perfect 5.1 files. Although BestWeb's MIME file is said to properly index the .wp5 extension, I've changed the extensions of these files to .doc so that a Microsoft Word plug-in will take them, and maybe recognize and convert automatically. They're in semi-tabular form, so they don't render as plain text so well, and I'm too lazy to convert them to HTML.

Project for Better Schools questionnaire
A screening questionnaire developed by Jim Harris, Audrey Capozzi, and me in 1995 for school board candidates. Answers sought were "disagree", "agree", and "agree", in that order.
Differences Between the "Left" and "Right"
A humorous piece I wrote around 1985. Don Meinshausen, mentioned therein, says he's also mentioned in the book, recently reviewed in Reason, A Generation Divided: The New Left, the New Right, and the 1960s, by Rebecca Klatch.

I was involved with the Libertarian Party since I sent $5 to the MacBride for President campaign in 1976 (having heard about LP in the years immediately preceding) until I quit membership at the end of 2002. During the 1990s I began a long process of reconsideration until I came to the conclusion it'd been a mistake for libertarians in the USA to have their own political party -- a conclusion that some came to at the inception of LP, and that more came to after a decade or two. Since then I've been trying to convince as many libertarian activists as possible to quit the LP and do their politicking and propagandizing via other organizations. Here are links to essays explaining my reasons:

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