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Robert Goodman's Nonirritating Lather Liquid

My friend's children loved continuous hours of water play, especially with heaps of suds. Unfortunately the oldest of them suffered from vulvovaginitis from exposure to shaving cream or large amounts of bubble bath. So I invented a mixture (US pat. 5,336,446 ,formerly offered as MarshWallowTM Painless Lather Bath) to let them wallow painlessly in marsh-thick foam for as long as they wanted. Photos above (; click to expand) show their first use of it; at left they were still filling the bathtub, and at right is an hour later. Sometimes they went two hours.

"Darklady" at right above took advantage of the marsh-thick foam for a photo shoot for interesting Web site. :-) So you can see its appeal ranges from kiddie to very adult.

Friends encouraged me to do something with this, so I sought other subjects, young and old, who'd had a history of reproducible urinary or genital irritation from surfactant preparations -- bubble baths, bar soap, shampoo, spermicide, or bath oil with emulsifiers. The irritation was usually a vulvitis or vulvovaginitis, but there were even some male cases of urethritis. Not only were they able to use my invention to foam their bath water without symptoms, but even undiluted as a perivaginal cleaner. Even exceptionally vigorous use of* my formula by one tester did not lead to the urinary irritation he'd gotten from such use of other products. My most sensitive subject was even pregnant at the time of her test. Other makers of toiletries, when they've tested against urogenital irritancy, have deliberately screened out of their test population the very type of subject I engaged.

The other major advantage of my invention is its foam's density and wetness. Bubble baths tend to make a light, fluffy foam of large bubbles, pretty to look at, but brittle to the touch. Even when made of mild surfactants, their dry foams can sting eyes. My fine lathery foam resists breaking when played with, and doesn't sting eyes. Click here to read more.

Although my formula's suds are slippery, the bath water underneath is remarkable for its lack of slipperiness. Bathers also notice it doesn't leave a sticky after-feel, even without rinsing.


instructions for indoor use
instructions for outdoor use

If you can get to Portland, Ore., you don't even have to take your own bath. SOOTHING BATH AND MASSAGE...MUST TRY! to be bathed by a pro who "really liked it -- lots of bubbles!" (If that link works, it means she's gotten back in touch and in biz!)

I'm now selling gallons of a batch made by Fragrance Mfg. Inc. in Allentown, Penna. for general use in toiletries by formulators -- bath foams, shower gel, shampoo, hand wash, anywhere exceptional mildness and density of foam is desired.  But its uses don't stop there -- there's also foam parties, hand dish and car washing -- anywhere a lathering product needs to come into contact with skin.  Material as shipped (FOB Allentown) is a yellowish syrup made from surfactant solutions without added water, and is nominally 36.7% total actives.

1 gallon (US) in plastic jug with handle
5 gallons in plastic pail with lid
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    * Yucky footnote -- don't say you weren't warned:

    That means he masturbated with it. People say it'd be a turn-off to mention this in the pitch, so I'll mitigate the yuck factor by hiding it in this footnote. But it just shows how gentle this stuff is to the genitals. By contrast, he had painful micturition after masturbating with Ivory soap.