Brandon, Cori, and Gwen really needed a bath after their father Ronald brought them home from the Grand Canyon to mother Carol in 1988.

Even the littlest one is all grown up now; link here for Corinne's 2002 essay followed by her bio.  Corinne also writes about all sorts of things for the Chronicle at Duke U., where she's an undergrad (class of '06).  Best I can say is to go there and search archives for "corinne" at top left.  See also her guest editorial at The Price of Liberty, where they misspelled her name in the file name.

I was afraid the kids would some day be too embarrassed to have their bathtub pix up here, but that's not likely to be a problem now for Brandon, whose "happy drunken painted Brandon" photo is displayed proudly at his site!  That's not a painting of Brandon, but rather painting on Brandon.  Back into the tub?

Darklady (no relation to the Lows) needed a dense, long lasting foam for a series of bathtub photos for Byron to shoot in 2002. I don't know what that tattoo is of, but wearing glasses in the tub is a cute gimmick.  Compare to Peter Bagge's cartooning of her, which I hope to link here in the future.

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