The Horse Fly -- turn the quarterback sideways to make the fly series easier and more effective, while allowing some true single wing plays wherein a couple of running backs can take the snap with a running start, yet your center's head stays up.

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The History and Future of the Point(s) After Touchdown,
in which I argue for abolishing the try kick and all forms of "extra points" from North American and rugby football.

Why the Uncontested Scrimmage?, which concerns possibly the most important change that differentiated American football from rugby.

Addendum: in the latter half of the 1990s, Rugby Union's administration began tinkering with the officiating or interpretation of the law (without changing the letter in that regard) regarding play after a tackle to give the side with the ball a more definite advantage in retaining it for further play, creating a style of play more like that of North American football, as well as more like pre-1877 rugby, than had been the case in quite some time. As of this writing, custom in that regard is still being adjusted and is far from settled.

Why Option Offenses Can Be Effective; short essay.

Football Needs a Zeroth Down; that's right, a down numbered 0 (short essay).

Here's a link to a very comprehensive site for connections to many versions and organizations for North American football and to Autralian Rules football.

Here's another comprehensive link if you'd like to explore the cult of the single wing and related thrown snap offenses.

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