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I have had an involvement with building hi-fi speakers since 1974. This led to over 30 years of research into the mathematics and physics as well as the hands-on building of cabinets. From 1982-1995 I taught a special elective class in speaker theory and building at Stuyvesant, an admissions-selective math-science school in NYC. After retiring, I wrote "Advanced Speaker Systems" for Master Publishing, now out-of-print, which sold some 60,000 copies at Radio Shack stores throughout the USA.

Audio Amateur Press, publishers of the two best-selling books on loudspeaker design and testing, has released my new book, Speaker Building 201, intended for beginners and intermediates in the field. The book is rich in graphics and explanations. Click on Books for details about the book and how to order this book.

Eleven complete systems were designed for this book, some of which I am offering for sale at reasonable cost. Please click on Speakers for Sale if you wish to see and order one of these systems.