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Sources for Teas to Make Kombucha

Sources of Kombucha Outside USA

One of the best places to find a Kombucha Start to make your own Kombucha Tea at home is to join the Original Kombucha Mailing list. There are over 3000 people, worldwide, on the OK list, many of whom will share a Kombucha start for free or just the cost of shipping.

This page also lists some mail order sources for Kombucha starter cultures and finished Kombucha. I have not personally tried these sources and have made no effort to qualify them. I list these sources here as a convenience for people that don't know anyone that already makes Kombucha.

I do not sell Kombucha cultures, so please don't send me email requesting Kombucha starts. Nor do I keep track of Kombucha suppliers that are not on this page. If you want to find a source that is not on this page the best way is to subscribe to the Original Kombucha Mailing List and ask there or ask at your local health food store.

If you try to contact one of these sources that no longer seems to be in business or if their information is not correct, or a link does not work, please let me know: Beverly Ferguson, so that I can update the list. Also, let me know if you have trouble with a Kombucha source so that I can remove it from this list. Thank You!


About Kombucha Starter Cultures by Bob Williams

The traditional way to get a starter culture (for the last 2000 years or so) is from a friend, since every time you make a new batch of Kombucha, a new Kombucha baby starter is produced. After your house starts overflowing with extra Kombucha babies you must either give them away or throw them away. Kombucha babies are essentially free. They are also considered quite hardy.

When starting a new batch of Kombucha, it is important to get some Kombucha tea as well as the starter. The Kombucha tea should constitute 10% of your new batch. Adding the Kombucha tea establishes the proper pH level (pH refers to how acidic the liquid is) of the solution and kick starts the whole growing process by introducing a large number of the proper micro-organisms into the solution right from the start. Ready to drink KT has a pH of 3.5 - 2.5. Only beneficial organisms can live in this solution; other organisms die. This is one of the characteristics and self protection of Kombucha.


Original Kombucha Mailing List

Members of the Original Kombucha Mailing List share Kombucha Starts for free or just the cost of shipping.

Subscribe to the Original Kombucha Mailing List: Since 1995: Over 3,000 list members worldwide share Kombucha information, resources, and experiences.

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100% Organic Kombucha Manna Drops: A pure extract of our own Organic Kombucha colonies. Our Kombucha Drops are made according to the traditional recipe: from the _Kombucha Colony itself_ not from the tea! Made and bottled only in glass! 1oz/30ml dropper bottle and 4oz/120ml refill bottle. We also make a 100% Organic Green and White Tea Extract.

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Kombucha Manna Drops


Source of Bottled Ready Made Kombucha Tea

GT's Organic Raw Kombucha & Synergy Drinks

(Available at Health Food Stores Nationwide)

$2.99-$3.99 per 16 oz bottle

(toll-free) 877-RE-JUICE


Sources of Teas to Make Kombucha


At The Shirt Factory

Lawrence & Cooper Streets

Glens Falls NY 12801

(888) 449-9888

 Huge variety of organic loose leaf teas that will produce superior tasting KT. Visit website or send snail mail address to for a more complete list of organic offerings.


Sources of Kombucha Outside USA


Kombucha Cultures Available Worldwide

Get your Organic Kombucha Culture Online


Kombucha Cultures Available In Australia

 Kombucha Cultures are Free

There is a small charge for the cost of postage and handling.


A source of suppliers of Kombucha world-wide is also provided by

Guenther Frank on his Kombucha Journal site.

Kombucha Journal: 

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