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By Ariana Estelle-Symons, Ph.D., Copyright July 1997

"I feel good, I eat right and exercise. Except for the occasional flu bug, my allergies, the occasional cold, my problem with spicy foods and resulting indigestion, my bad knee, those extra 15 pounds I should lose, and that darned tennis elbow, I'm in great shape. I don't take much medicine. When I get the flu, my doctor gives me antibiotics, I take a little Tagamet for my indigestion, I have a great allergy doctor that gives me shots for my allergies, my colds don't last more than a week or two and only now and then does bronchitis set in, leaving me with that darned cough, and then I take some more antibiotics.. I take an anti-inflammatory for my bad knee and the tennis elbow, and I only have to take laxatives three or four times a week. My doctor just put me on medication for high blood pressure and said I have to lose a little weight, so he gave me a prescription for Phen/Fen, so no problem."

Why would I need to drink Kombucha?

The answer?? Read the paragraph again!

Many millions of people will tell the same story. It's not that they WANT to take all that medication. They just don't know any other way to feel better. The typical American is taught that no matter what the medical problem is - science will provide a drug - a 'magic bullet' that will fix everything. It's not our fault, it's the way we were taught.

At the turn of the century, 'natural medicine' was cast aside to make room for the era of technology and chemistry. It was literally castigated from society under the auspices of witchcraft. Clearly, this was a manipulation by people in positions of power. There is still a great deal of taboo and mystery and the uses of herbs and natural medicine.

Think about it - only after natural medicine was 'outlawed', did humans become plagued with so many diseases, disorders and complications. Here's something to ponder: most synthesized medicines are derived from petroleum products. This is a multi-billion dollar industry for the petroleum companies. These same companies own the pharmaceutical companies, the pharmacies and the drug stores, and contribute billions of dollars into the education of our medical doctors. These doctors are taught that these drugs are better, safer and more economical than natural remedies. Herbs and natural remedies can not be patented, but the synthetic chemicals that individual companies make in the laboratories can be. If they can't patent it, then they can't corner the market and make billions of dollars on it, because it remains the property of the people.

Medical doctors are not bad people. They are only practicing what they were taught. The majority of these men and women sincerely want to help others, but their hands are tied - they are married to the conglomerates that finance the production of the medicines they use to treat disease. Every now and then one will 'break away' and incorporate natural medicines into their practice, but they are few and far between.

Did you know that in order to sell an over the counter drug on the market today, the criteria that must be met... states: "The illness must be such that it will naturally heal itself in a reasonable amount of time", such as colds, flu, headaches, etc. Just look at the millions of tons of synthetic chemicals that are being consumed, that are not only unnecessary, but in many cases have damaging long term side effects. Remember, there is no money to be made by the conglomerates when natural remedies such as plenty of fluids, Kombucha Tea, herbs and rest are prescribed. Yet, this combination is every bit as helpful and in most cases will speed up the recovery of a sick person faster than any of the chemical cures that are sold for colds. In fact, if a person drinks Kombucha Tea on a regular basis, the common cold and flu will probably pass them by. We all know that the antibiotics that are routinely prescribed for various flues and colds do a great deal of harm to the body in the long run. They kill off the good organisms as well as the bad, leaving the body vulnerable to candida overgrowth and various other infections.

What ever happened to 'preventative medicine'?

This describes Kombucha perfectly. It is, indeed, a preventative medicine. A recent survey tells us that:

Which takes us back to the opening paragraph. All of these ailments seem to be helped by Kombucha.

We are living in a time where the mind, body and spirit are being taxed to their limits. The stress factors of survival are causing much illness, as well as countless other problems. Viral and bacterial infections are transmitted globally like never before. Our bodies are bombarded by toxins, not only from the environment, but from the foods we eat and the water we drink.

By taking our health into our own hands we can make a major difference in our ability to fight the battle of stress and toxins. By making a few changes in our life style, we can strengthen our immune systems and ward off disease. Kombucha is only one of the 'preventative medicines' available to us. A simple, inexpensive start on the 'road to wellness'.

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