Bob and Buster 7/98

This one was taken about a month before a 5 way heart bypass surgery. My color is not too good but it is the most recent picture I have that is nearly presentable. :) The puppy is an 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) - Buster. He is my constant companion and this picture was taken in an RV on one of the local lakes, fishing of course!

My Story and Disclaimer

I have been brewing and drinking Kombucha Tea for nearly four years now. It has taken me from nearly an invalid back to the point I could with stand open heart surgery and a couple of weeks ago, bi-lateral knee replacements. I fight osteo-arthritis all through my body and rheumatoid arthritis in my hands as is obvious in the picture above. My knuckles as you see them above are approximately half the size they were four years ago when I began using Kombucha Tea. At that time I was suffering sciatica that ran down both legs. The sharp stabbing pain was so bad it would cause me to lose control of my legs and fall. The KT helped the sciatic pain and it was constantly diminishing but at about that time I became eligible for full retirement from the company I worked 30 years for and they wanted me to retire before I was seriously hurt or caused some one else to get hurt. I obliged.

I also had serious heart problems originally caused by poisoning from an industrial electronic cleaner. Severe blinding headaches and high blood pressure too. A myriad of other more minor problems. I was taking 17 different prescription medications to stay alive. Half of the meds were to control side effects of the other meds.

I started seeing effects from the KT almost immediately. My blood pressure was the first indication things were changing. I worked very closely with my primary care physician who knew about the KT and the amount I was drinking. I was going in to see him once a month and calling if something changed unexpectedly. We began decreasing the medications for the heart problems. Initially dropped the blood pressure med in half. Then he started removing the meds that control side effects. As I continued to detox we were able to do away with more and more of them. Eventually I wound up taking 1/4 the original dosage of the blood pressure med and my pressure was in the normal range and stable. I took only 4 meds for the next two years. One for blood pressure, one for the headaches that still had not quit, one for arthritis that didn't seem to do much and a pain killer. A lot better than the 17 I started KT with.

While all the work with blood pressure was going on other changes were also occurring. The sciatic pain down the legs started to diminish in the left leg first and then in the right. After about four months on KT the pain completely stopped and has not returned. I had some hemorrhoids that simply disappeared. Liver spots diminished and disappeared. My energy level increased a hundred fold but I think getting rid of all those meds was largely responsible for that. I have not had one of those "blinding" headaches for almost two years!

Before starting the KT, the arthritis was so bad in my hands that I had difficulty touch typing. That is bad when the job requires constant typing to make the computers and acquisition systems I was working on tell you their problems. The joints all loosened up and I could actually see the excess calcium around my knuckles decreasing in size. You can see in the picture above that they still don't look real good but they are so much better it is unbelievable. I have not had a problem touch typing in a couple of years. Good thing, I do a lot of it! :)

Having said all of this, here are my thoughts on Kombucha Tea.
I do not believe Kombucha tea will cure anything. I think Kombucha tea is a food supplement that supplies many of the trace materials our bodies require to repair themselves. Once the dietary requirements are there, the body itself will make what ever repairs are necessary. I believe KT should be used along with allopathic doctors recommendations and a well balanced diet. Many of us also need herbal supplements to correct regional deficiencies in diet. These aids should not be over looked but they should also be used under supervision of your primary care physician. If your present doctor will not talk with you about your needs in these areas, find one that will. Many of the physicians are finally realizing that medications alone will not do the job of insuring health and cooperation with the patient is critical.

Note that the opinions expressed in these included writings are those of the author's. I do not endorse any expressed opinion.

NOTHING that I have written on this website should be construed as a prescription for any condition. Most of the data on Kombucha tea is anecdotal as is my story above. In the absence of hard laboratory double blind tests this is the only guide we have. We know from anecdotal experience how much KT should be consumed and when. We know health conditions it is likely to help again only from anecdotal data. Careful clean preparation of the ferment is required. All these things are addressed on this website.

Remember, nothing presented here takes the
place of your primary care physician.

Good luck, I hope Kombucha tea will help your diet and health condition as much as it has mine!

Bob Williams

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