Author of The Essential Kombucha

Andra Anastazia Malczewski

About Andra Anastazia Malczewski

Andra Malczewski is a "Medicine Lady," a Yogin, a Naturalist, a humanist, a deeply committed practitioner of holistic health methods. She is the perfect spokesperson for this perfect home remedy-preventative, Kombucha.

Andra's interest in Kombucha grew from her interest in searching for natural ways of healing suffering among the nearby population of Mexican villagers that inhabit the Mexican jungle where she lives. She will tell you of her research into ancient cultures; Mayan, Aztec, etc. to discover the secrets that kept these populations vigorous and healthy without the help of modern medicine, or the so-called miracle of antibiotics we are privy to today.

Her interest in healing remains pure. Of the many people interested in helping to spread the advent of Kombucha in America, she stands out as one who will devote her life to such a pursuit, while continuing her research in the simple jungle setting where it began.

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