There are many names for the Kombucha colony and for the fermented drink. Here are some of the names I have run across. This is a compilation of the names in the seven different kombucha books I have, (164).


Algae fungus, Algentee, Brinum-Ssene (Latvian = miracle fungus), Cainii grib (Russian), Cainii kvass (Russian), Cainogo griba (Georgian), Cajnyj grib, Cajnyj kvas, Cembuya orientalis (Latin), Chamboucho (Romanian), Champagne of life, Champig- miracle, Champignon Chinois, Champignon de la charite (French), Champignon de longue vie (French), Champignon japonais or chinois (French), Champignon Japonaise, Champignon miracle (French), China-Pilz, Chinesischer Teepilz (German), Ciuperca de ceai (Romanian = tea fungus), Com- Combucha, Comboucha (French), Combucha (Japanese), Combuchagetrank (German), Combuchaschwamm, Combuchatee, Combuchu, Conbucha, Devine Che, Elixir de la longue vie, Elixir de longue vie (French), Fungojapon (former trade name), Fungojapon Kombucha, Fungus giving long life, Fungus japonicus (Pharmaceutical name), Fungus tea, Funko cinese (Italian), Ganoderma japonicum Gichtqualle, Ganoderma japonicus (literally = Japanese mushroom), Gichtqualle (German), Gift of life, Godly Tsche, Gout, Gout fungus, Grib, Haipao, Heldenpilz (German), Hero fungus, Heroic fungus, Hongo (Spanish), Indian mushroom, Indian wine fungus, Indis- Teepilz, Indischer Teepilz (German), Indischer Teeschwamm (German), Indischer Weinpilz (German), Indisch-japanischer Teepilz (German), Indo Japanese tea fungus, Japan gomba (Hungarian), Japanese fungus, Japanese sponge, Japanischer Combucha (German), Japanischer Pilz (German), Japanischer Schwamm (German), Japanischer Teepilz (German), Japanisches Mut- Japanpilz, Japanisches Mutterchen (German), Japanpilz (German), Japanska gliva (Yugoslavian), Japonskagliva, Japonski grib (Russian = Japanese mushroom), Kambuha (Russian), Kargasok Pilz, Kargasok Sch- Kargasoktee, Kargasok Schwamm (German), Kargasoktee (German), Kargasok-Teepilz (German), Kocha Kinoko (Japanese), Komboecha, Komboechadrank, Komboecha-drank (Dutch), Kombucha (International usage), Kombucha Elixir, Kombucha Tea, Kombucha tea fungus, Kombucha Tea mould (Java), Kombuchagetrank (German), Kombuchakvass (German), Kombuchamost, Kombuchaschwamm German), Kombucha-thee (Dutch), Kombuchawein, Kongo Kwassan (trade name for a former extract of the culture), Konko, Kun-Pu-cha, Kwas, Kwassan, Lingzhi, Magic mushroom, Magical fungus, Ma-Gu, Manchurian Elixir, Manchurian fungus, Manchurian Tea, Mandschurischer Pilz (German), Mandschurischer Schwamm (German), Mandschurisch-japanischer Pilz (German), Medusentee (German), Medusomyces Gisevii LINDAU (scientific name), Miracle fungus, Mo-Gu (former trade name), Olinka (in Bohemian and Moravian monasteries), Pichia fermentans, Red tea fungus, Reishi, Russian flower, Russian fungus, Russian jelly, Russian mother, Russian tea-vinegar, Russische Blume (German), Russische Mutter, Russische Qualle (German), Russischer Pilz (German), Russischer Tee-Essig (German), Sakvasska (Russian = acid), Sakwaska, Symbiont Schizosaccharomyces Pombe-Bacterium xylinum, Tea beer, Tea cider, Tea fungus, Tea fungus Kombucha, Tea Kvass, Tea kwas, Tea mould (Java), Tea plant, Tea wine, TeaKwass, Teekvass (German), Teekwa, Teekwasspilz (German), Teemost (German), Teepilz (German), Teeschwamm (German), Teewein, Teyi saki (Armenian), Thee - Schimmel, Theebier (Dutch), Thee-Schimmel (Dutch), Theezwam Komboecha (Dutch), Tschambucco, Tschambucco Wolgameduse (German), Tsche of Kombu, Volga spring, Wolgameduse, Wolgapilz (German), Wolgaqualle (German), Wondrous fungus, Wunderpilz (German), Yaponge, Zauberpilz (German), Zaubersaft, Zaubertrank,


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