~Universal Meditation Instructions~

meditation_instructions.gif (3689 bytes)Attention: Turn the mind from outward going tendencies to inward attention. Look Within. Sit on a cushion or chair, keep the back straight and cross the hands and ankles. Breathe deeply and slowly. If you wish, close your eyes.

Concentration: Pick a point of concentration. Move gradually from an external to an internal point of focus. Choose some elevating object: picture, candle, sound, a short prayer or mantra, as your point of concentration. When sensations, thoughts, and emotions arise; let them go, and gently bring your mind back again and again to your point of concentration. Once you have settled on a point of focus, keep the same point for the rest of your meditation practice.

Absorption: After some time, (months or years) you will become absorbed in your point of concentration. Practice daily. Preferably twice a day for around twenty minutes each session or as often as possible. Practice really does make perfect. Be regular in your practice. Perseverance furthers. When absorption occurs you will feel: blissful, joyful, peaceful. Meditation is not all joy and peace however: all feelings, thoughts, and sensations, positive and negative arise. Just notice them, and let them go. Witness your thoughts and feelings during meditation and at other times.

Union: Who am I? Why am I here? What is real stands revealed: Know the truth and the truth will set you free When thoughts and breath cease by themselves -Truth shines forth. It has been there all along, hidden by the veil of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, conditioning, concepts, beliefs, and opinions. Now the veil is removed!

©2000 Beverly B. Ferguson