~Nada Yoga - Science of Inner Sound~

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Nada Yoga is meditation through sound. The source of the sound may be external or internal, gross or subtle. The mind easily becomes absorbed in sound. When the mind is fully concentrated on anything there arises a feeling of bliss from within. With practice of concentration on uplifting music the mind becomes, calm, clear, and transparent, then the subtle inner sounds can be perceived.

To practice: You might begin with beautiful music. Practice keeping your attention on the music for 20 minutes once or twice a day. Continue to practice listening to the same type of music with full concentration until you are able to hear subtle sounds that comes from within, rather than outside. When you hear the inner-sounds; begin to listen to and focus on the inner-sound that you hear. At that point, you can change your meditation from listening to music to listening to the subtle sounds within.

Continue listening to the inner-sounds for your meditation practice every day. The sounds may change as your body and mind become purified and elevated. This practice of Nada Yoga should be continued until you hear the Sound of Silence and experience Oneness with All.

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Some Books About Nada Yoga:

Nada Yoga, by Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Ananda Ashram RD. #3 Box 141, Monroe, New York, 10950 (914-782-5575)

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Nada Yoga, by Swami Sivananda, available from Integral Yoga Distribution

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