Nada Yoga - the Science of Sound

A ccording to Nada Yoga every thing is created from sound. Everything ! Including our minds and our bodies; both physical and subtle. As sounds are heard the effects go to every cell and atom of our being. Sounds also effect the subtle Chakra centers. Sound is very powerful sounds can create and sounds can destroy. It is all according to ones intention and the nature of the sounds themselves. Sounds are an ideal point of focus during meditation. The mind is naturally and effortlessly concentrated on any sounds which it perceives. That is why the repetition of prayers and mantras, the sounds of bells and gongs, chants and hymns, are used for the practice of meditation and worship by most spiritual traditions throughout the world.

Acharya Roop Verma writes about Nada Yoga

"Nada Yoga is an ancient science of sound vibrations. It is a path of exploring consciousness through sacred music which originated in the Vedic times. The aim of Nada Yoga is to purify and harmonize the gross and subtle bodies in alignment with their natural vibration, and to bring the individual to the highest state of awareness, the state of Yoga. The experience of this "Unified State" is health and happiness and is our birthright. It is within our reach to enjoy a balanced life physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

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Swami Sivananda wrote about Nada Yoga

"The mind having first concentrated itself on any one sound, fixes firmly to that and is absorbed in it. The mind becomes insensible to external impressions and becomes one with the sound. Being indifferent to all objects and having controlled the passions, you should, by continual practice concentrate your mind upon the sound which destroys the mind.

Having abandoned all thoughts and being freed from all actions, you should always concentrate your whole attention on the sound and then the citta (mind) becomes absorbed in it. Just as the bee, drinking the honey alone, does not care for the odor, so the citta, which is always absorbed in sound does not long for sensual objects - it is bound by the sweet nada (sound) and has abandoned its flitting nature.

The serpent citta, through listening to the nada, is entirely absorbed in it and, becoming unconscious of everything, concentrates itself on the sound. The sound serves the purpose of a sharp goad to control the maddened elephant citta, which roves in the pleasure garden of the sensual objects.

The sound proceeding from the pranava (Om) is Brahman. It is of the nature of effulgence. It is the seat of Vishnu. The mind exists so long as there issound but, with its cessation, there is that state termed turiya. Being freed from all states and all thoughts, you will remain like one dead. The body is like a log. It does not feel heat or cold, joy or sorrow. When spiritual sight is fixed - without any object to be seen - when prana (life-force) becomes still - without any effort - when the citta becomes firm - without any support - you become Brahman. When manas (mind) is destroyed, when virtues and sins are burned away, you shine as the effulgent, immaculate, eternal, stainless Brahman."

from: Nada Yoga , a book by Swami Sivananda

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On OM's HOME: Yoga and Meditation website you will find more information about Nada Yoga. For the best understanding please practice repeating a mantra or prayer yourself; listening to the inner sound, every day. The effects are subtle and profound and can best be understood by personal experience.

I would also recommend two books about Sound and Music:

The World is Sound by Joachim-Ernst Berendt

The Secret Power of Music by David Tame

2001 Beverly B. Ferguson, from The OM-Letter

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