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Free Tools to Help You

Keep Your Computer Virus Free

In order to help as many users as possible keep
their computers free from viruses, Panda Software offers six exceptional tools.
The tools and services are on offer from Panda Software at:

 The tools and services available include:

- The Panda Virusometer, which evaluates the risk of any computer being
infected by a virus and calculates the extent of the potential damage.


- The Panda Software interactive Virus Map, a real-time graphic display of
the impact of viruses in geographic regions around the world.


- Panda ActiveScan, an online scanner that detects and eliminates viruses
on-demand from any infected computer. ( I have used Active Scan for years and it is very good!)

Panda ActiveScan 

- Free Online Virus Check 


- Panda Virus News, to provide the most up-to-date news on the latest and
most active viruses.

- Top Viruses, a tool that provides a ranking of the most dangerous viruses
around the world at any given moment.


-  Panda Quick Remover repair utilities, designed to eliminate viruses and
repair the damage they cause to users' computers.





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