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Whenever I find anything wonderful I want to share it with EveryOne. Over the years I have found many wonderful things to share with you such as: Yoga and Meditation, Kombucha, Music, Poetry, Inspirational Quotes, etc. It is my intention to have the OM-Letter be of benefit to you: for your health and well-being:-))

The OM-Letter will be published several times a year. It is an announcement list only, not an interactive mailing list -for the time being. At times, I may publish questions I have received as an email Counselor for both Yoga and Meditation and Kombucha along with my reply. Such posts will only be published only with the writer's written consent.

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The "Friends Quotes list"  receive interfaith, inspirational, quotes by email, every day or so,
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The members of GEM meditate, at noon, every day, or when ever you can, wherever you are. Each member meditates in whatever way they feel most comfortable. You can meditate as briefly or as long as you like. That means that every day, for twenty-four hours, there is a "wave" of positive, healing, light and energy, circling the globe as each of us meditates at noon, where we live:-)) There are now many people on every continent all around the earth joining together each day as members of GEM:-))

I usually keep a brief moment for World Peace Prayer: "May Peace Prevail on Earth" every day at noon. You are welcome to join in that too! Essentially each of us is praying or meditating for the benefit of all beings in whatever way feels best to us.  Please continue to keep up the good work and may health and happiness be with you now and always:-)) Thank You:-))

Occasionally, the people on the GEM-Meditation list will receive announcements of Meditations for World Peace and Healing as the events arise.

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~ To-Your-Health ~

You are also welcome to join our interactive mailing list To-Your-Health: dedicated to your health and well being. To-Your-Health is about the health and healing of Body, Mind and Spirit. EveryOne is Welcome:-))

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You are welcome to join any or all of the lists: OM-Letter, GEM Meditation Group, and Friends Quotes, To-Your-Health at anytime:-)) If you know of anyone else who might be interested to join any of our lists please forward this information to them as well.  Please leave our complete signature on the bottom when you forward this information so that people can contact me for questions or comments. Most members are on-line but some are not. It makes no difference, we are all one family!  Please let those who are not on-line know about the meditations by sharing this information with them as well:-))

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    The  practice of Yoga and Meditation has meant so much to me in my life that I would like to share its benefits with EveryOne:-))             

I have been teaching and practicing Yoga and Meditation for thirty years; both in the United States and around the world. It is my intention that this website be an introduction and inspiration to you to begin, or enhance, your own Spiritual Practice. If I can be of  any  help or offer guidance to you on your spiritual journey please feel free to email  your questions or comments to  me.

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May Peace Be With You Now and Always:-))