By Ariana Estelle-Symons PhD.
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Authors Note: I have been taking GH3 (in one form or another) for 20 years. I first started on it in 1979 when I was severely depressed after being the primary care-giver of a loved one for over a year. The experience was devastating for me, and after her death, I was in a state of severe depression. I had heard of GH3 being used in cases of depression and decided to give it a try. It really pulled me out of that dark place I found myself in. It also began to help with my symptoms of arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Consequently, I’ve been taking it ever since. Now, I must admit, I’m not as faithful to GH3 as I am to Kombucha. There are days, and sometimes weeks that I do not take it. But, I always go back to it. For one thing, I believe it truly is an ‘anti aging’ formula. There was a lot of ‘media hype’ a few years back when famous people like Sylvester Stallone, and other movie stars and public figures made it public that they took GH3 to help ward off typical symptoms of ‘aging’, and to bring about mental clarity, and to relieve pain. James Coburn was one of those people.


What is GH3?

GH3 is a formulation of procaine hydrochloride, buffered and stabilized with potassium metabisulfite and benzoic acid. Procaine hydrochloride is metabolized in the body, producing PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) and DEAE (diethyl amino ethanol), which are vitaminic precursors to the formation of folic acid, choline and acetyl-choline. Thus GH3 is rightly considered a ‘pro-vitamin’, or, a compound that leads directly to the formation of vitamins in the human body. As such, domestic GH3 tablets are protected for sale by the Dietary Supplements Act of 1994.

Our GH3 is the exact laboratory duplication of Dr. Ana Aslan’s (Romania) original formula with nothing added or taken away from the active ingredients. There are only 2 differences.

  1. Our GH3 does not have a ‘sugar-coating’, they are enteric-coated.
  2. Our price is about 75% less than the Romanian (which is sometimes available from Europe for those customers who for one reason or another want to get it).


What does GH3 do?

Although the pharmacologic action of GH3 is not wholly understood, the observed results over the past 50 years, of extensive use by millions of people worldwide, shows that GH3 does the following:

  1. Improves the homeostasis of the body; the balance of the diverse systems of the body is enhanced, which has been described as the definition of health itself.

  2. Gently dilates and cleanses the blood vessels, thus improving circulation to all parts of the body. This may account for the observed rejuvenative effects upon the skin and hair, as well as generally improved functioning overall.

  3. Tends to restore the level of MAO (Monoamine oxidase, an enzyme)toward normal. The natural buildup of MAO after about age 40 leads to lower energy and sometimes depression. GH3 is a mild, reversible MAO inhibitor, which means that it is extremely safe to use since it allows necessary MAO to perform when needed by the brain or liver.

  4. GH3 acts as a cortisol-inhibitor, preventing excess cortisol (a hormone produced when we’re under stress)from causing damage, leading to the symptoms of aging.

What about procaine?

Procaine is an anaesthetic, however, it is the presence of the buffers in GH3 that changes the nature of the procaine from primarily an anesthetic, to the valuable anti-depressant and anti-cortisol supplement that GH3 is. Tests over the years have proven that un buffered procaine is too unstable to last long enough to do the things that GH3 does.

GH3 is a dietary supplement protected by the Dietary Supplement Act of 1994

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