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Kombucha FAQ: Very Complete Questions and Answers about Kombucha: originally compiled by Colleen Allen.

The Kombucha Center: All about Kombucha information and sources: Created by Jim Sease and maintained by Bob Williams for many years.

List of Kombucha Suppliers: Sources for Kombucha, teas, etc. to make your own Kombucha tea.

The Original Kombucha Mailing List: Subscribe to the Original Kombucha Mailing List: Since 1995: over 3,500 members Worldwide share Kombucha information, resources and experience.

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Kombucha Journal: Guenther Frank, author of the book: Kombucha: "Healthy Beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East." International site in several languages.

The Worldwide Kombucha Exchange: where you can get a Free Kombucha Starter Culture

Sprite's Kombucha and Water Site

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