KOMBUCHA TEA IS SAFE!   How to Make It and Keep It That Way  



Kombucha Tea is safe! It is one of the safest foods you can prepare in your own kitchen! ěWhy is that soî you may ask. Kombuch tea is safe because; it has itís own protective mechanisms to ward off foreign bacteria and other forms of contamination. It also contains many ingredients that have been used since ancient times as natural preservatives in foods. As Gunther Frank so succinctly states in his book*ěKombucha preserves itselfî.

For one thing; Kombucha tea is acidic. If you remember to add a cup or more of Kombucha tea from a previous batch, called ěstarter-teaî, each time you begin a new brewing cycle, and pour some of this ěstarter-teaî right on top of your Kombucha colony too; you will go a long way toward insuring that you have no problems with mold developing or any other form of contamination. Adding the ěstarter-teaî immediately brings the Kombucha ferment to an acidic level. An acid environment inhibits the developement of molds and other potential contaminants.

 Acidic foods have been used as preservatives since ancient times. In addition to the inhibitory effect of an acid environment on many toxic microorganisms, Kombucha also contains a small amount of alcohol, (0.5%) another commonly used preservative and carbon dioxide which also functions as a natural preservative. Many other foods commonly prepared in most home kitchens, such as meat, eggs and dairy products are far more apt to be or become contaminated than Kombucha.

You can insure that your Kombucha tea is safe and healthful, by obtaining your Kombucha Colony from a reliable source; following the instructions that come with your Kombucha Colony, using ěstarter-teaîand using normal sanitary and clean conditions for brewing.

It is also important for the health of your Kombucha (yours too that no one smokes near your Kombucha preparation or fermentation area. It is probably a good idea to remove any potted plants from the Kombucha fermenting area as airborne molds from the soil could potentially contaminate Kombucha. It has been found helpful to use a clean coffee filter, or closely woven cotton cloth to cover your Kombucha fermentation vessel rather than cheese-cloth which, in many parts of the world, is too widely woven to keep potential contaminants such as ants and fruit flies from getting into your tea. A clean paper or cloth cover helps keeps your tea safe and contaminant free.

Metal and Kombucha do not mix. While you may prepare your tea, sugar, water mixture in stainless steel or glass pans it is important that your Kombucha ěstarter-teaî and your Kombucha Colony itself do not touch metal, as the acidic nature of the Kombucha reacts to metal. For that reason rings and finger nail polish should also be removed when handling Kombucha colonies or gloves should be worn.

In my opinion, it is best to always ferment and store your Kombucha tea in lead- free glass containers. Once your Kombucha tea has fermented, been decanted and bottled, it may be kept at room temperature for a few days and, when refrigerated, it may be returned to room temperature before you drink it. In my opinion it would be best to keep your bottled Kombucha tea stored in the refrigerator. I have Kombucha tea which is over two years old, bottled in glass, and refrigerated and it is actually better than when it was bottled! Aged Kombucha is like Champagne.

Your Kombucha tea depends for itís quality on the ingredients that you select to prepare it. Therefore start with the best Kombucha Colony you can obtain. Use the best tea, preferably Organic, and the best water to make your Kombucha tea also. Most people feel white Cane sugar seems to work the best of the many sweeteners available.  Selecting the best ingredients will contribute in a positive way to the healing benefits you receive from drinking your Kombucha tea. You are what you eat and so is your Kombucha

Speaking of benefits Recently a group of over 600 people on the Internet Kombucha list compiled the benefits they had _personally experienced_ from using Kombucha. You may request a FREE copy of this list of benefits from Kombucha Manna International at OM@holistic.com. You are also welcome to add any benefits you have experienced yourself to this list by sending me a post with the benefits you wish to add.

Our experience over the years has led us to conclude that it is best to start slowly when you begin to use Kombucha tea. Starting with an ounce or so a day and increasing slowly to an ounce twice a day; then three times a day and then gradually increasing the amount as well as the frequency until one arrives at oneís own preferred amount.

If any slight detoxification symptoms such as a rash or headache appear it is best to cut back on the amount of Kombucha tea you are drinking and drink more plain water each day.  It has also been found to be very important to drink lots of plain water every day whether you drink Kombucha or not!  Some say (8) eight ounce glasses per day is the approximate amount for the average person. Of course you can adjust from there according to your weight, amount of exercise, and the season. You can read more about the importance of drinking enough water in the book: ěYour Bodies Many Cries for Waterî.*

At Kombucha Manna International I have been in contact with thousands of people world-wide who are drinking Kombucha tea and enjoying the many benefits of doing so. Many of them have been using Kombucha for many years. To my knowledge; no one has ever had a serious problem definitely attributable to drinking Kombucha tea and there certainly has never been a death from doing so! On the contrary; most of the thousands of people with whom I have shared Kombucha information have experienced major improvements in their health and well-being and I am happy to say that, even after five years of drinking Kombucha and taking our Kombucha Manna *Drops* on a daily basis; I continue to experience benefits as well.  When you follow the guidelines outlined above you and your Kombucha will be safe and healthier too

*Kombucha Healthy Beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East:  by Gunther Frank. Available from Kombucha Manna International.

* Your Bodies Many Cries for Water: You Are Not Sick You Are Thirsty!: by
 F. Batmanghelidj. M.D. from Global Health Solutions.

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