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Was Kombucha once called the "Divine Cha" and brought by his Korean doctor Kombu to the Japanese Emperor Inko in 414? It is entirely possible. Anyway that's the way the story goes:-))

I know someone personally, who has been growing the Kombucha consistently for about thirty years here in the United States. That is the longest time of anyone consistently making Kombucha I have heard about.....so far. She got her Kombucha colony from her father, who received his from his Japanese Dentist, who had it brought over from Japan for his wife who was having heart problems. Nothing in western medicine was helping her...the Kombucha helped. Similar story: different time. 

One way to know the past and the future is to examine the present. According to James Roche* in his paper The History and Spread of Kombucha: "Historians consider that the tea fungus was first used for it's healing benefits in the Far East-mainly in Japan, China and Korea." He postulates that the Kombucha Colony was probably carried along trade routes to Russia and then Eastern Europe. "It is known that Kombucha appeared in Germany about the turn of the century," according to Roche. Most writers believe that Kombucha was used quite commonly throughout Europe until World War II made it extremely difficult to obtain tea and sugar. We also read that it was very popular in Italy in the 1950's and I have talked with people who remember drinking Kombucha there around that time. Roche also reports that in the 1960's it was found by scientific research in Switzerland; "that drinking Kombucha was as beneficial as eating yogurt. Very similar in many ways too, I might add. 

Much of the scientific research we have today on Kombucha was done during the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century in Russia and Germany. Interest in Kombucha continues in those countries to the present day. I have met several people from Russia and Germany who remember Kombucha or Tea Kvass from their childhood. According to Guenther Frank* from Germany: "The culture has a long life expectancy and possesses the ability to regenerate itself very quickly. At least, it has been reported that the culture was already in use as a remedy 2000 years ago among the Chinese. If it didn't possess such vigor, it wouldn't have lasted for such a long period of time until now. The Chinese didn't have any laboratories in which to raise the culture; and handing it down from generation to generation for hundreds of years didn't happen under the sterile conditions of a lab, but under the usual domestic circumstances of a normal family." And so it has continued all over the world until the present time.

 Many names have been given to the Kombucha but "a rose by any name".... There are also many variations on the recipe used to make Kombucha; most use black and/or green teas and sugar but there are other possibilities as well. In the Philippines, coconut, pineapple and sugar are used with Kombucha to make a delicious dessert called Nata from the Kombucha Colony itself. Herbs are also used by some people instead of, or in addition to, teas. 

In all times and places however there is one constant theme: Kombucha is good for you! It helps the body to detoxify; (including removal of heavy metals) and to come into biochemical balance which then helps to eliminate or diminish many kinds of "ills the body is heir to". Most people also report an increase in energy and a sense of well-being from drinking the Kombucha Tea. In my experience all of this is true and more Rarely mentioned, but part of the fun; is brewing or fermenting your own Kombucha at home. It is a simple, safe, and satisfying procedure that millions of people in all parts of the world under diverse conditions and times have enjoyed and benefited from doing. Friends and family benefit as well because the Kombucha is a prolific reproducer and will soon give you plenty of Kombucha tea and colonies to share with all of your friends and relations.

 Nowadays we have recipes that will insure an extremely satisfying and safe beverage and many people create their own "special blends" of teas and flavors. Contact us: we can help you to brew Kombucha that will be delicious and of great benefit to your health and well-being We look forward to hearing your Kombucha experiences as well as any questions or comments you may have If you would like free email copies of our previous Kombucha Manna Newsletters and Catalog or other Kombucha Manna International information about our Organic Teas or Kombucha Drops or Natural Kombucha Products for skin and hair care please let us know and we will be happy to send it to you. We enjoy hearing from you and are here to serve you 

There is more information about our Kombucha Manna products and an article by Gunther Frank on our Kombucha Manna International web site too. * James Roche: jroche@zetnet.co.uk "The History and Spread of Kombucha" * Guenther Frank: frank@kombucha.pf.bawue.de http://www.bawue.de/~kombucha/ Author of Kombucha: Healthy Beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East. (IMHO the best book on Kombucha so far. Please see Guenther's book for all of the scientific research done in Germany and Russia and more.

1997 Beverly B. Ferguson: Kombucha Manna International 


Note: Manna International specializes in Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green Tea Extract we no longer sell Kombucha Manna Starter kits, Kombucha Manna Tea or Kombucha Manna Products for Skin and Hair Care)

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