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Kombucha Manna Newsletter #7
© Sara Tykol 1995

  A Newspaper report about Kombucha Manna. Reported by Sara Tykol: The Gazette: 6/95

You've probably heard about Kombucha. Or perhaps you know it by another name. People have
been drinking it for centuries. But interest in the beverage has heightened here in the U.S. recently,
with people across the country contending that its properties make Kombucha a cure-all for
everything from arthritis to cancer.

Croton resident Beverly Ferguson, who conducts how to workshops on brewing Kombucha, prefers
to think of it simply as a healthful beverage. She makes no claims about the drink, although she
has done a great deal of research learning about its properties and the special way it must be

After trying the brew and liking the way she felt, she began making it at home for herself and her
family. She liked the taste, which is something like sparkling cider, but -being the inventive type -
she also wanted to try some variations. So she started to experiment, flavoring the brew with a
variety of natural herbs and fruits; ginseng, ginger, raspberry and passion fruit to name just a few.

Her brew was so well received by those who have tried it, that last December she began bottling
and distributing the drink Kombucha Manna. You can buy it at Dantoniel's Market in Croton upper
village and at other area health food stores.

ìI never thought of doing a business, she said during a recent interview at her home on Alexander
Lane. But, I do see this as something that can be a benefit to a lot of people.

A noted yoga teacher for some 20 years, Ms. Ferguson has given a great deal of serious thought to
how she wants to conduct her life and by extension her business. She has no interest in mass
market production, instead she hopes to keep it low key perhaps working with mothers of young
children who need work but who also desire a lifestyle that keeps them close to their children. ìI
want to do my business with integrity, she said, ì and I hope, in that way, it will be successful.

Although many people are now brewing the drink, Kombucha Manna is the only one in New York
State that is registered, inspected and approved by the New York State Department of Agriculture
and Markets. It is processed by hand in small batches that take more than a week to make and
flavor. It is a combination of yeast and bacteria, much like yogurt. This culture, which renews itself
every 10 days or so, is mixed with sugar and teas. Ms. Ferguson prefers to use organic black or
green teas to avoid artificial dyes and pesticides. The mixture is steeped and cooled before the
culture is added, covered and left to ferment for seven to ten days.

Only filtered well water is used for brewing Kombucha Manna since, as Ms. Ferguson notes, the
chlorine found in tap water isn't good for you or the Kombucha culture, It is a living thing.
Although it is more costly to bottle the liquid in glass, Ms. Ferguson strongly objects to use of
metal, plastic and ceramics in handling or storing the liquid. Kombucha tends to draw chemicals
from plastic and may also draw lead and other contaminants from metal or ceramic containers.

Also, Kombucha must be kept refrigerated. When it is out of the refrigerator, uncork the bottle,
carbonation builds up and if left sealed the bottle may burst.

It has been reported that the culture, often mistakenly called a mushroom, originated in the small
village Kargasok, Russia. However, Kombucha has also been used as a remedy in eastern Asia for
centuries. Kombucha faithful believe the drink not only detoxifies the body but is also a great
source of energy.

If you are curious, try it. And if you find, as this reporter did on first taste, that it adds a little extra
lilt to your step.


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