Too Good To Be True

Kombucha Manna International Newsletter #6

1997 Beverly B. Ferguson: Kombucha Manna International

What is it about us human beings, especially the adults of the species, that we refuse to believe that things can be good? Really good; even perfect!

Are we so afraid of being seen as innocent or naive that we do not acknowledge the perfection within us and around us all the time? Have we given up faith so as not to appear foolish?

When we were young we "dared to believe" now we have become cynical. While our cynicism may protect us from disappointment or looking foolish, it is the height of foolishness; for it also limits our experience and our enjoyment of being alive. It limits our ability to create a world most of us would like to live in. Most of all, it limits our ideas about our selves and our lives and what we and they can be and already are.

 We settle, too often, for second best because more would be "too good to be true". When someone tells us, as the media has done, that something like Kombucha may not be good for us, how quickly we accept that negativity, saying to ourselves: "I knew it, too good to be true". Well maybe not, maybe the media is wrong, maybe the "authorities" are wrong, maybe we should trust our own intuition and our own experience of goodness instead of always looking for the flaws and faults, maybe we should acknowledge the perfection.

When I first heard all the things Kombucha was said to do to benefit the health of those who used it, my thought was that if it does half what is claimed for it, it would be enough for me. Well it's almost three years later and I am convinced it does much more. Not just for me; but for many thousands of others who make Kombucha every week, in their homes around the world, and share it with their family and friends.

Lately I've been contemplating the "miracle" of good health that I, my family, friends, and our Kombucha Manna customers have been experiencing over the time we have been involved with Kombucha. It is so impressive that I had almost begun to take it for granted.

 A sense of well-being, more energy, no allergies, less arthritis symptoms, no colds, no infections, no digestive disorders, no sicknesses of any kind, healthier skin and hair. Many people have had incredible improvements in various serious illnesses such as MS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc. etc. etc. "Too good to be true?

 No, it is true and it is good and there is no conflict there. Let us believe again: in Peace, in Love, in Health and Happiness.

May our belief make it so!

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