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What have you learned about Kombucha lately? It seems there is no end to what one can
discover about this amazing substance. It just keeps getting better and better. For example
did you know that research has shown that virtually all tea leaves are high in healthful
polyphenols. So in addition to being "a drink that promotes a state of calm serenity while
enhancing mental clarity and fostering an ambiance of repose and relaxation" (from one of
our Organic tea boxes), teas are also known to benefit the immune system and provide
anti-oxidants to the body and perhaps inhibit tumors as well as aging. All that and it tastes
good too

Kombucha Manna has just added a new line of Organic Teas Of course you know that tea leaves are only one of the ingredients in Kombucha. What else is in Kombucha?

Mike Roussin, using sample Kombucha colonies from many growers including Kombucha
Manna, found in his "preliminary investigation into the chemical constituents found in the
fermented beverage Kombucha." "The mainstay of the Kombucha ferments in North
America appear to be Acetobacter xylinum, Zygosaccaromyces, and Saccharomyces
cerevisia". "Among the yeasts Saccharomyces, Zygosaccharomyces and Saccharomycodes
are the most common yeasts in the ferments he examined". There was variation from
sample to sample, with each containing about a dozen constituents however, "Analyses with
mass spectrometry of 100:1 extracted samples revealed many other components of the
ferments." Fascinating as this is; the more interesting thing, to me, was Mike's discussion
of his results. Here are a few quotes to wet your appetite. The rest of the report can be
found at: http://www.kombucha-research.com

"The process by which interleuken, natural killer cells, leukotrines, and various
phagocytotic activities or toxins are removed from circulation by the body could certainly
be something to which Kombucha contributes. Each one of these individual constituents, or
some yet to be determined, may act independently on any number of the body's
physiological systems. Any combination of the hundreds of different compounds might be
the key to what occurs when Kombucha is consumed."

We are all waiting to learn why Kombucha does what it does, but there can be no doubt
that it _does_ work. Many of us world-wide are enjoying the benefits of Kombucha without
waiting to find out why it is so beneficial. For many the experience of improvement in
health and well-being is enough. Others want to know more. Mike goes on to report that
"the sugars themselves and the sugar acids may facilitate the transport of nutrients into the
system through the stomach and intestines, as well as into the bloodstream, liver, the
kidneys and other organs as well". He adds that there have been studies that indicate that
some of the other constituents he found in Kombucha are "effective in the body's ability to
perform anabolic activities such as muscle building and the production of lean muscle
mass". According to his research Mike says, " these types of compounds are certainly
found in Kombucha."

One of the most exciting discoveries to me, as a firm believer in Vitamin C's benefit to the
body, was Mike's finding that the precursors of Ascorbic acid called keto-gluconic acids
are also found in Kombucha."The consumption of moderate amounts of these compounds
helps in the relief of arthritis, gout, asthma, and other ailments which degrade the
connective tissue." "In addition there is the ability of gluconic acid to bind with heavy
metals and thus be excreted in the urine", Mike reports from his research. He also showed
that "constituents that have antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral activities are found in a
typical Kombucha ferment. There are also substances that inhibit cancer promoting
enzymes." Finally research by Fontana et.al. has shown that Kombucha contains bacteria
useful for the treatment of burns and skin grafts. Kombucha is good for your skin.There is
much more on Mike Roussins web site and in his report which you can order from the
site: http://www.kombucha-research.com

Great work Mike, we all thank you

There is always more to learn. We are learning more every day. Please let us know what
_you_ have discovered about Kombucha. Please visit us at our Kombucha Manna web site
for more information about Kombucha and our Kombucha Manna quality Kombucha

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