Kombucha Manna Newsletter # III

Kombucha Around the World - Beyond Kombucha  

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Well, what would you do, dear reader, if you suddenly found that you had the opportunity to speak to more of your fellow human beings around the world, than you have ever had before, or might ever have again? When I look into my heart and mind and especially my soul, I find I have something I must say to my beloved brothers and sisters throughout the world: given this incredible opportunity to do so. I would say with great Love; we must remember who we are. We must remember why we are here. We have fallen asleep in this dream of separation and forgotten our unity and oneness with all beings.

Now I've been on the Internet long enough to know that someone will "flame" me for being "off topic". What's that got to do with Kombucha you might well ask. I am not sure, but it does have to do with Health and Healing. Remembering that we are Divine beings, here to manifest that Divinity, by loving one another, that is the most healing thing we can do.

Speaking of Health and Healing; Yoga teaches that what we consume: (eat, drink, read, watch, listen to etc.) effects us on many levels of our being.. "you are what you "eat". I know you've heard that before, -but have you thought of it not just in terms of your physical body but your mental and emotional states as well? I just received a post this morning from Ariana. (a fellow Kombucha Digest subscriber). She said that the one remark that kept "popping up" on the responses to the Kombucha Questionnaire, (see attached copy) is: " I've noticed a sense of well being". Wow, "a feeling of well being". That is our natural state friends! When we are in touch with who we are and why we are here; we have a FEELING OF WELL-BEING :

When the body and mind are detoxified, we have a feeling of well being. When we let go of ignorance we naturally remember who we are and why we are here. We return to a state of true wholeness (holistic) which is also oneness with all. Love overcomes fear.

Have you noticed, beloved sisters and brothers, that Global Consciousness is increasing day by day? Free communication of individuals throughout the world is breaking down regional and national barriers faster than anything else could. We really are one family together on this home planet earth- like the crew of a space ship. Our life-support systems are dependent on the actions of all of us. We are "all in this together". We are rapidly going beyond the limitations we previously accepted and we are becoming a global family.

Kombucha is also a global phenomenon. People throughout the world are sharing Kombucha and it's benefits with friends and "strangers"- who become friends. Sharing Kombucha is an act of love. People half way around the world have become "neighbors". Remember Christ's words: "Love thy neighbor as thyself". What better way to show that love than to share that which will be of mutual benefit in all ways possible. Those of us who pay attention, are continuously amazed at the beneficial effects our friends and neighbors are experiencing from this benevolent brew. For example; the German Health Department (the corresponding organization of the American FDA) has said: "KOMBUCHA IS A VITALIZING AND COMPLETELY HARMLESS BEVERAGE" especially in health shops, the Asian tea mushroom "Kombucha" is praised as a universal panacea. But are there some hidden negative side effects involved as well? Prof. Dr. F.Staib (Robert Koch) Institute of the German Public Health Department) answers this  question of a worried doctor: "Kombucha consists of a jelly-like substance which develops from a sort of symbiosis of fermenting yeasts and acetic bacteria in sugared black tea. The resulting products are alcohol, carbonic acid, and various organic acids, which can be enjoyed as a vitalizing beverage known in Russia as "Tea-Kvass". NO HARMFUL EFFECTS ON HEALTH HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED SO FAR. And what is more, such effects are highly unlikely due to natural preservative substances which also develop during the short fermentation process."

* "All of the good and none of the bad". What are some of the other good things found in Kombucha? In the Kombucha FAQ at: http://www.sease.com/kombucha/faq.html you can read that Kombucha has "a large proportion of the B complex vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and folic acid." Kombucha also contains l-Lactic acid and several other beneficial acids. Kombucha also contains Vitamin C. It is also reported that the yeasts in Kombucha are antagonistic to Candida yeasts and I have read testimonials about the positive effects people with Candida are having from drinking Kombucha. As if a sense of well-being and all these good-for-you ingredients aren't enough, Kombucha has also proven to be exceptionally good for the skin and hair. There are numerous reports of skin conditions such as excema and psoriasis clearing after drinking Kombucha and applying it externally. Our KOMBUCHA MANNA HAIR RINSE has become "BATH-BUDDY" a multi-purpose blend that you can put in your bath water or apply after a shower to your skin as well as use as a hair rinse. It is available in Sandalwood, Jasmine or fresh Lemon scent from pure essential oils. Kombucha Tea even works with animals. Several people give a small amount of Kombucha tea to their pets daily in their drinking water. It has also been effective applied directly to the skin of animals with skin problems and allergic reactions. Pets seem to share similar benefits to humans when imbibing the brew.

Our KOMBUCHA MANNA DROPS have become very popular with the traveling crowd. It's not easy to carry Kombucha Tea around while you're on the road. The Drops need no refrigeration, keep for years, and come in a small (1oz..) cobalt blue glass dropper bottle you can fit in your pocket or purse. I'm still using both the drops; (said to have a beneficial effect on the immune system and resistance to disease) and the tea, on a daily basis with great results.

Before I close I want to share with you part of an article from Asian Link by Bill Adkins. Dateline: "Thimphu, Bhutan. Do you want to stay young, beautiful, and healthy? Come to Thimphu, the capitol of Bhutan in the Himalayas, where a cold concoction, now craze of the town, awaits you. Today, hundreds of people in Thimphu have begun to culture the drink Kombucha in their homes. Many are already swearing by its miraculous healing qualities." "Aum Sonam, who got the mushroom from an Indian friend says:" I feel much lighter and a constant pain which used to be there in my ankle has subsided. I have been freed of my problem of athlete's foot and feel an overall sense of well-being."

There it is folks, from the Himalayas and all around the world, repeated thousands, if not millions, of times. A sense of well-being. That alone would be enough- all the rest is the proverbial frosting on the cake.

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*Translated from "Hessische Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" NR.24,June 14, 1992 page 24. And found in Gunther Frank's wonderful book called: KOMBUCHA- Health Beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East. Available from: KOMBUCHA MANNA. Note: Kombucha has been popular and widely used in Germany and Russia for nearly a century, maybe longer. They have much more experience with it than we do in the United States and they should know better than anyone it's effects. However, some research about Kombucha is going on in the United States today. More about that in our next Newsletter. PEACE,


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(Note: Manna International specializes in Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green Tea Extract we no longer sell Kombucha Manna Starter kits, Kombucha Manna Tea or Kombucha Manna Products for Skin and Hair Care)