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Note: Manna International specializes in Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green Tea Extract we no longer sell Kombucha Manna Starter kits, Kombucha Manna Tea or Kombucha Manna Products for Skin and Hair Care)


Hope you and your Kombuchas are doing well. What a gift we have all been given to have the health and healing benefits of Kombucha in our lives. The more I learn about it the more impressed I am. I wish I could share with you all the stories friends and family tell me but basically, by now, you've probably heard it already. If you're like me, you find it hard to believe at first, but as the Sufi's say: "He who tastes- knows". It seems that most of the benefits claimed for Kombucha are confirmed again and again by people enjoying the KOMBUCHA beverage and our KOMBUCHA MANNA SKIN AND HAIR PRODUCTS. We had a wonder-full gathering in September at which many shared their Kombucha stories. One woman told how she has been keeping the Kombucha Culture growing for twenty years as she saw how it benefitted her family and friends. Others spoke of allergies clearing up and teenage acne clearing up too. Many reported increased energy and smoother skin. In September and November we conducted KOMBUCHA MANNA WORKSHOPS to teach the care and feeding of Kombuchas to those who prefer to make their own tea. It's so much fun to see people with their new "Pet" Kombuchas. KOMBUCHA MANNA WORKSHOPS are scheduled every month or so; please let us know if you would like to attend.

Well folks, I've found a new toy! Computers, On-line, email, and the Internet. Kombucha on-line!!! On the Internet there is a Kombucha Digest you can subscribe to if you have your computer hooked up to any on-line service (such as: Compuserve, America-On-Line or Prodigy) that gives you access to the Internet. Dan Benanav, a Kombucha & Computer friend, told me how to subscribe: just send to Internet: Kombucha-Digest-Request@Shore.net and say: "subscribe. end." That's all there is to it, and everyday you will get the latest and greatest about all aspects of Kombucha and other holistic health information as well in your own email box. (See our email address at the end of this newsletter.) What fun it is and the people you "meet" on-line are wonderful. I've discovered the KOMBUCHA FAQ.(frequently asked questions) on the Internet too. It's address is http://www.sease.com/kombucha/faq.html. It is pages and pages of helpful informaton (I still prefer to read from a page not a screen). The FAQ includes brewing instructions, sources, testimonials, books and articles and soon- research. A man named Mike Roussin is conducting Kombucha Research as we "speak" and we'll let you know what he finds in our next newsletter.

Speaking of Research: the German Health Department (corresponding organization of the FDA. says: "Kombucha is a vitalizing and completely harmless beverage. No harmful effects on health" Despite what you may have heard or read to the contrary the FDA has also found that the death of a woman in Iowa last April was NOT due to toxic Kombucha. They thoroughly tested the Kombucha she drank and found it was non-toxic. So don't let baseless fear keep you from benefiting from Kombucha. As a matter of fact, of all the foods we prepare I believe Kombucha is one of the least likely to be contaminated as it has it's own defenses. Once it is acidified-(don't forget to add at least 10% starter from your last batch to acidify if you make your own tea)- even botulism can't grow in it. However, molds occasionally do form, especially if anyone smokes around it. The molds, like bread and cheese molds, are visible as blue, red, black or white powdery dust on top of the culture. My advice; If you see mold throw the culture and the tea away and start fresh. Please feel free to call or email me if you have ANY questions about Kombucha I usually answer several Kombucha questions a day and I like talking to you.

It is becoming clear to me that one of the main ways in which Kombucha works is to help the digestive system and to aid in detoxifying the whole body. Once the body is detoxified: IT CAN HEAL ITSELF! That seems to be why so many diverse symptoms are cleared up for those who drink Kombucha regularly. I personally haven't had a cold, sore throat, sinus infection or ear ache since I started Kombucha almost a year ago. As a matter of fact, I haven't been sick at all! ( I used to get respiratory infections several times a year). If I feel an upset stomach, I drink a little Kombucha and it goes away. I've also noticed major improvements in my skin and hair, My skin is smoother, clearer, and less dry. My hair shines more and I believe it is also growing faster- as are my nails. I believe it is all due to drinking KOMBUCHA MANNA BEVERAGE and using K9OMBUCHA MANNA SKIN AND HAIR PRODUCTS. Also I take the KOMBUCHA MANNA DROPS three times a day and that helps resistance to disease too. Many others have told me the same goes for them plus things like lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, increased energy, flexibility, and grey or white hair returning to it's natural color.

On the Kombucha Digest I hear these kinds of reports everyday--very encouraging. It has also been mentioned many times to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, if not more, in addition to other liquids you may ingest- including Kombucha. I know you've heard this before but,if you're like me, you can use the reminder. The water helps to eliminate toxins from the body and keep the cells hydrated. I recently learned on the Gary Null Nutrition Program ( WBAI 99.5 FM, noon to one weekdays) that one of the major causes of the mysterious back pain 85% of Americans suffer from at one time or another may be from dehydration. My chiropracter, (lifting those heavy cases of Kombucha did in my Sacro-iliac Joint) told me that the first thing that happens before disc damage is visible on a CAT SCAN or MRI is dehydration in the disc. So DRINK WATER! It has also been mentioned on the digest to use DISTILLED vinegar to acidify your Kombucha Jars and in place of starter if you don"t have any. It seems raw vinegar has it own Mother of Vinegar and will form a culture of its own. The MOV could change your Kombucha Culture as well. There are some on the digest who are making bets about whether the Kombucha Culture itself may be a MOV. I'll let you know when I find out more. It has also been repeated that pregnant and nursing women should not drink Kombucha because the effect on the fetus or newborn is not known. However, they certainly could use the KOMBUCHA MANNNA SKIN and HAIR PRODUCTS.

We have some new KOMBUCHA MANNA PRODUCTS. Our new skin product, in addition to the KOMBUCHA MANNA SKIN-TONER which many of you use, is KOMBUCHA MANNA BLENDED BEAUTY MASQUE. It is made from the Kombucha Culture itself with added Aloe Vera, Vit C and essential oil of Sandalwood or Jasmine. We also make Unscented for those who prefer it. The K0MBUCHA MANNA BLENDED BEAUTY MASQUE is applied for just three or four minutes once a week and then rinsed off with warm water. It is "a face-lift-in-a-jar". It comes in a 1oz.frosted glass jar with a gold top and is best stored with the top loose in the refrigerator between uses. Our KOMBUCHA MANNA HAIR RINSE with essential oil of lemon comes in a 16 oz. Sqeezable plastic bottle with a snap cap. ( We usually prefer to keep Kombucha Products in glass but who wants glass in the shower or tub). It is patterned after the Lemon hair rinse I used as a child to keep my hair shiny and silky. I didn't know then, that it helps the PH-balance of the scalp as well. Our last new products and ones that I am personally very happy about are the KOMBUCHA MANNA HERBAL EXTRACTS IN KOMBUCHA VINEGAR-no alcohol. It has long been known that differnt mediums extract different components of the herbs placed in them. The ones traditionally used have been alcohol, vinegar and water. Well, Kombucha has all three and therefore may extract more completely the whole herb in a more complete and balanced way.

Rosemary Gladstar, reknowned herbalist points out that there are advantages to using vinegar: "Vinegar is 100% non-toxic and can be tolerated by almost everyone. It helps regulate the acid/alkaline balance in our bodies and is an excellent tonic for the digestive tract. It also tastes good and can be used for children, alcoholics, and others adverse to drinking alcohol. I recommend using vinegar as a menstruum for tonic tinctures that are to be used over a long period of time to strengthen and build the system. Vinegar is preferred as a base for tonic formulas that become part of our diet and daily fare." I've been using a combination I make for winter with Ginger, Ginseng and Dong-Quai. I'm very pleased with the results. When I extract & ferment the herbs in the Kombucha Vinegar they glow! To me, this is a very good sign. They taste good in water or Kombucha too. I have Ginger, Ginseng, Dong-Quai, Astragalus and Echinacea ready so far and will do more soon. Please let me know if you would like to try them or if you have any suggestions for herbs or combinations of herbs you would like me to make. Like the KOMBUCHA MANNA DROPS, the KOMBUCHA MANNA HERBAL EXTRACTS come in 1 oz. Cobalt-blue glass bottles with glass droppers.

If you would like to Order any on our KOMBUCHA MANNA PRODUCTS or subscribe to our KOMBUCHA MANNA NEWSLETTER: please let me know at the address below. If you would like a copy of our catalog please send your address to me and I will send you one.

Finally I would like to share with everyOne the recipe for the KOMBUCHA MANNA HERB & SPICE VINEGAR: I made for Christmas. First I got the most beautiful 8 oz. bottle I could find. I poured in the KOMBUCHA MANNA VINEGAR I had fermented for around three weeks. Then added a clove of Garlic, (one is enough it gets pretty strong) a bright red small hot pepper, some oregano and sage from my garden and a slice of fresh ginger. Beautiful, colorful - and nothing artificial either. I let it sit at room temperature for a few days capped, and then tied a bright red bow around it's neck and refrigerated. Great for a Christmas gift or any other time.

This year I've met many new friends thru KOMBUCHA MANNA and the Kombucha Digest and I want to thank you all for your help and kindness. I wish you ALL the best of Health and Happiness for the NEW YEAR!

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Note: Manna International specializes in Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green Tea Extract we no longer sell Kombucha Manna Starter kits, Kombucha Manna Tea or Kombucha Manna Products for Skin and Hair Care)


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