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Kombucha Manna International Newsletter 14

Teaching Yoga and Meditation over a period of thirty years or so, I
have often been delighted and amused when someone comes into my
classes for the first time and says that they used to do Yoga and
Meditation many years ago but that somehow they got away from it.
Maybe 5, 10, 20, 30 years have passed. Life went on but now they are
back wanting to begin anew:-))

Recognize the similarity with Kombucha?

Over the years I have noticed that a lot of people begin
enthusiastically making Kombucha tea. They get a colony from a
friend, tentatively brew up their first batch, taste it's sparkling
apple-cider like goodness and they are on their way. Usually they
begin to notice some of the benefits of drinking Kombucha. (*see The
Benefits of Kombucha list, for details). Fairly quickly they are
excited, enthusiastic converts. Before you know it, they are
proselytizing: trying to talk all of their friends and relatives into
making and drinking Kombucha too:-)) Usually their enthusiasm is met
with resistance - if not repulsion. Occasionally however, there is a
new convert:-))

Time passes and the weekly brewing routine gets less thrilling.
Procrastination sets in and the Kombucha Colony can end up "doing
time" in a jar on the counter or in the refrigerator. If motivation
comes to begin anew, the Kombucha inevitably rises to the occasion
and fermenting KT (Kombucha tea) can continue as before. Sometimes
sadly; the Kombucha just sits there until it eventually dries out and
is tossed.

Some years later the person is back looking for a new Kombucha Colony
to begin again. The benefits they experienced are fondly remembered
and they want to feel that sense of well-being again. Same thing
happens with Yoga and Meditation: once you have tasted a state of
heightened well-being you really cannot give it up forever! It is a
mystery to me, why we so often sabotage ourselves by letting go of
what is of the most beneficial in our lives while keeping that which
is the most destructive. Eventually, that pattern reverses itself and
5, 10, 20, 30 years later we are ready to begin anew.

Welcome back:-)) Stick around this time! Do What Makes You Happy:-))

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