Continuous Fermentation

Kombucha Manna International Newsletter #13


Hi EveryOne,

Hope you are all well and happy-))

All is well here. I am in the process of finishing a week long fast. If you are not familiar with the wondrous practice of fasting for health and rejuvenation I highly recommend that you learn more about it. It is natural, effective and free-)) In addition to this KMI Newsletter, I am also sending a short article I wrote recently for the To-Your-Health Mailing list. The article about fasting is just for your information and is in a separate email post. It will also be posted on our OM's HOME Yoga and Meditation website..

I am very happy to share with you that I finally have been able to obtain a crock made especially for the Continuous Fermentation of Kombucha tea. It was made and given to me by Jim Howard, a wonderful potter who lives in my home town. It is about three gallons in size with a blue-green glaze on the outside, white inside and a wooden spigot. It is beautiful and it works!

About every three days or so I make a batch of tea, sugar and water using a variety of Black and Green Organic teas and Organic sugar, just as I have done for years. When it is cool, I add filtered well water from deep artesian wells and pour the whole thing into the crock on top of the sizeable Kombucha Colony that lives inside. The new liquid mixes with the Kombucha tea already in the crock. I also pour a bit of the finished KT on top of the Kombucha Colony before putting a clean cloth secured with a big rubber band on top.

The whole process is very simple because of the spigot, I don't have to lift the heavy crock as I had to do with the two gallon glass jars I used to use. I can decant as much or as little as I want at any time. Best of all, I find the complex taste of the Kombucha tea in various degrees of fermentation; from almost new to quite well aged, very interesting and delicious. I suspect that it is much more nutritious as well as all of the various stages of fermentation are combined offering the benefits of each.

Whether you use Continuous Fermentation or not to make your Kombucha tea, I hope you are drinking Kombucha tea that you make yourself on a daily basis and sharing it with your family and friends so that all can enjoy the benefits of Kombucha tea-))

Remember for work or traveling or as a daily complement to Kombucha tea Kombucha Manna Drops make the perfect combination-))

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