(Note: Manna International specializes in Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green Tea Extract we no longer sell Kombucha Manna Starter kits, Kombucha Manna Tea or Kombucha Manna Products for Skin and Hair Care)

YOU Asked For It! -So here it is, KOMBUCHA MANNA -a Newsletter. By now, almost everyone has heard about Kombucha and it is growing (literally) every week. Kombucha seems to be doing amazing things to benefit everyone's health and well-being.

At first, I took all the claims made for it with a "grain-of-salt", but every day I get calls from people who are using our Kombucha Manna products and having beneficial results similar to the stories you may have read in books or heard on television.  Everything from "no allergies this season", to "4 lbs. of weight loss", to dramatic improvements in conditions such as Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Lymes Disease, to name a few. There are more stories too: lowered cholesterol, speedy recovery from infections, teenagers complexions clearing up and general overall improvement in skin texture and tone, and strength and growth of hair.

At Kombucha Manna, we are currently producing 15 flavors of Kombucha beverage. We have such fun developing flavors -please let us know if you have a favorite flavor; if we market your flavor, and you are the first one to suggest it, we will put your name or initials on the label.

Our *Kombucha Manna Drops* are an extract of the Kombucha Manna Cultures themselves, not from the beverage. The "Drops" are said to have an even stronger effect than the beverage. They are very portable and do not require refrigeration. Kombucha Manna Drops work on a different level than the beverage, so there are advantages to using both. *Kombucha Manna Drops* are also good for those who need to avoid sugar (such as diabetics) or fermented products, yet who want the benefits of Kombucha. Very popular in Europe, the "Drops" are said by Guenther Frank, to be "capable of moderating the immune system and building resistance to disease".

The next new product: our Kombucha Manna Skin-toner, for men and women, is Sandalwood scented, a scent that according to aromatherapy, provides "relief from anxiety and depression and has a spiritually uplifting and purifying influence. With added Vitamins C and E, and Aloe Vera, Kombucha Manna Skin-toner helps to clear complexions and smooth the skin much like many of the "latest" Alpha-hydroxy skin preparations, but for a lot less money and with no artificial ingredients. Of course, none of our products is ever tested on animals! We encourage you to join us in seeking and using products that are, "cruelty-free".

Our next new products will be.......Kombucha Manna Herbal Vinegar- rich in easily absorbable minerals; and a Kombucha skin cream and Hair Care products. Keep an eye out for them as they arrive in your Health Food Store or call us to order by mail.

In September, we will have a reunion for all of our Kombucha Manna Workshops participants and anyone who uses our products or is interested in Kombucha. September 23, 1995 at 2 pm. Come and share your own Kombucha experiences and ideas.

Our next Newsletter may contain a question from our customers and our answer from our "vast" Kombucha Information Files. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you all, our customers, store owners, family and friends, who have made bringing Kombucha Manna products to you such a fun and satisfying thing to do.

Copyright and Legal Disclaimer: Information provided in these KMI Newsletters is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. This information is obtained from testimonials of people world-wide who have used Kombucha for several years and from our own personal experience.

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© 1995 Beverly B. Ferguson: Kombucha Manna International

(Note: Manna International specializes in Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green Tea Extract we no longer sell Kombucha Manna Starter kits, Kombucha Manna Tea or Kombucha Manna Products for Skin and Hair Care)

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