Genuine Kombucha Manna Drops For Your Health and Well-being!

There are as many ways to make Kombucha Drops as there are to make Kombucha tea:-)) However _not all Kombucha Drops are the same, - no more than all Kombucha teas are the same.  With Kombucha Manna Drops you get the original proven formula for K- Drops, made fresh every time.

Needless to say, I have given a great deal of thought and consideration to this process of making Kombucha Drops over the years: not only in the beginning, when I carried out many experiments to find the best process for the purpose, but in the years since 1994 that I have been making and selling Kombucha Manna Drops world-wide. I continue to experiment to this day to make the best possible Kombucha Manna Drops.

The quality of what you get depends on what you put in and how you do the processing. That is why Kombucha Manna Drops are made from 100% Organic ingredients only: no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer etc.  Teas and Coffees are two of the most highly sprayed crops in the world and since they are primarily grown in third world countries some chemicals used have been designated illegal here in the US but are still used with impunity in many places in the world. You don't need those chemicals in what you are using for your health and well being! With your health and well being in mind, we make our Kombucha tea, and thus the Kombucha Colonies we use to make the Kombucha Manna Drops with only Certified Organic teas, Certified Organic sugar, and non-chlorinated, filtered, deep well water and Certified Organic Alcohol. We also brew and bottle in glass only, never in plastic or metal. Our Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green Tea Extract come in glass bottles 1oz and 4oz. It costs a bit more but it is well worth it!

To make the KMI Kombucha  Drops we take our own Organic Kombucha Colonies and put them through a special machine that I bought specifically for that purpose after trying many alternatives. The machine breaks the cell walls and releases the "drops" from the Organic Kombucha Colonies. I have personally tried the other methods: such as a garlic press, a blender, hand press etc. but the result is definitely not the same, not even close. In truth, very little liquid comes from the _inside the cells_ of each Kombucha Colony - that is one reason we call it "drops". If you add Kombucha tea or other liquid  - as you must do if process in a blender - the resulting Kombucha drops are mostly Kombucha tea. A blender does not release most of what is inside the cells themselves. The cellulose walls, though good for making paper and maybe as fiber for our digestive system, do not contribute to the Kombucha Manna Drops - just the small amount of liquid drops held within them.

As far as preserving the Kombucha Drops goes, it is true, it is not absolutely necessary if you are using them at home and can keep the small amount refrigerated or use it within a short time. However they _will_ continue to ferment in the bottle at room temperature and that means it will build up CO2 and expand. I have seen the dropper on a bottle of  Kombucha Drops, with no alcohol added, swell like a balloon at room temperature in just one day:-)) Not something you want to happen in your luggage or on a plane! Consider too, how healthy an environment can it be for the living k- drops sealed in a bottle?

In my opinion, it is very questionable to add no alcohol or less than 35% alcohol to preserve the Kombucha Drops because adding less than that concentration of alcohol leaves some of the organisms alive - but not healthy!  IMHO you might better add no alcohol at all than to add just enough to weaken the organisms. With no alcohol though, the conditions inside the bottle will not be conducive to maintaining _healthy_ Kombucha.

Consider that the Certified Organic alcohol is added not just to prevent the Kombucha Manna Drops from fermenting in the bottle but also to prevent contamination from outside as well. Since the alcohol can be evaporated off in hot water, tea, coffee, etc, I would rather be safe than sorry - especially when traveling. Alcohol is used as a menstruum for most herbal extracts and in addition to it's preservation qualities it also aids in assimilation. The amount of alcohol in 15 drops is probably less than that found in a piece of ripe fruit. By pouring hot water over your extract and stirring for 3 minutes, 90% of this tiny amount of alcohol will be removed. An alternate method, removing even more, is putting the dose in a small glass pot, cover slightly with water and simmer for one minute.

Even though the 35% concentration of alcohol does kill the bacteria and yeasts which keeps the Kombucha from fermenting and building up CO2, - that which remains, the Kombucha essence of acids and polysaccharides, is still very effective and seems to convey the same benefits that drinking Kombucha tea does. However, in my personal opinion the Kombucha tea is better for digestive problems. I believe the Kombucha Manna Drops offer a benefit to the immune system that even goes beyond that offered by the Kombucha tea alone.

That has been my experience and that of many of those who have used Kombucha Manna Drops over the years. Whether that is due to some special ingredient within the cell walls of the Kombucha Colony that is not found in the tea, or not, I do not know. I just know they work!

So by all means, take your Kombucha Drops any way you please but please remember: not all Kombucha Drops are made equal:-))

Copyright 2003 Beverly Ferguson

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