Benefits Of Kombucha List

This list was created from the input of several hundred people from all over the world who wished to share their actual Kombucha experiences with others:-)) If you would like to add to this list please email us with your suggestion and your permission to add it to this list.

1. Great beverage

2. Sense of well-being

3. Helps to relieve congestion in airways

4. Thicker hair

5. Energy boost

6. Straightened my hair out

7. KT is very effective on all types of arthritis. Helps control joint

pain and helps with the deformed joints of rheumatoid arthritis.

7a. Helps repair the cartilage damaged in Osseo-arthritis, (if there is any

present to build on).

7b. Helps Gout, (crystal arthritis), breaks down the crystals removing pain

and sensitivity.

8. Great conversation piece

9. Licked Calcifying tendonitis

10. Helps with asthma and "hay-fever"

11. Has brought me into contact with some very caring people.

12. stress buster

13. very calming

14. Increase sex drive

15. Regulates Intestines.

16. Cured Candida, (yeast infection) Overgrowth.

17. Aides digestion, prevents acid reflux

18. Addictive taste.

19. Eliminates or reduces heat rash.

20. Improved circulation/controlled venous stasis in shins

21. Clears and Improves skin

22. Makes a good hair rinse

23. Redundant 'Momma's" (Kombucha Colonies) make good brass cleaners

24. Helped take the "scales" from a friends Skin disorder

25. Makes a wonderful, soothing foot soak.

26. Shrinking large fatty tumor.

27. Flattening and fading old age carotene patches on the face.

28. Stops severe menstrual cramps

29. Makes a wonderful facial.

30. Made me much more mobile with my gout.

31. Oncoming headlights do not bother me as much.

32. Reduces / stabilizes blood pressure.

33. Prevents and helps heal bladder infections

34. Eases carpal tunnel syndrome

35. Heals boils and Staphylococcus infections on skin.

36. Prevents oral canker sores

37. Prevents eczema and controls psoriasis

38. Household Cleaner: cuts grease, cleans stoves, bathroom tiles, windows,


39. Hair and nails grow faster

40. I can see the pupils of my eyes again without glasses.

41. More energy

42. Clears nail fungus and athlete's foot

43. Improves the sense of well being for people with liver Cancer

44. Helps an older woman feel and look younger

45. Helps Arthritis sufferers

46. Cleanses toxins from the system

47. Soothes burns and sunburn

48. Takes the sting and swelling away from Bee Stings

49. Good underarm deodorant

50. For some people; eliminates desire for alcohol, & helping to relax

51. Smashes flu and colds

52. Significant progress healing chapped lips from topical application of KT

53. Kombucha Colony makes a great poultice

54. Removes rust

55. Restores natural hair color, including eyebrows, for some people

56. Improved eyesight and eliminated "floaters"

57. Insect repellent, mosquitoes and fleas

58. Smoothes out Cellulite

59. Kombucha Colonies can be used as bandages

60. Eliminates warts

61. Very good for some people with AIDS/HIV+

62. Improved flexibility

63. Eliminates moles and age spots

64. Dried Kombucha Colonies make great "chew toys" for animals

65. Rejuvenating effect

66. Use Kombucha Colonies as washcloths- good for your skin

67. Menopause problems disappeared: night sweats, bloating stomach, mood


68. Kombucha Colonies blended with KT and sugar make great Kombucha puree

69. I have noticed that Kombucha makes me feel brighter in myself

70. Kombucha gives long life and a merry heart!

71. Relieves Anxiety

72. Takes away constipation and hemorrhoids

73. Normalizes sleep patterns

74. Takes away aches and pains

75. Great morning stimulant (no need for coffee)

76. Cuts need for some medications in 1/2

77. Reduces or eliminates allergic symptoms

78. Athletes strength, stamina and recovery is much improved.

79. Fibroids less painful

80. People begin taking responsibility for their own health.

81. Removed scar tissue

82. Helped several people with digestive problems; Crohn's Disease and

ulcerative colitis

83. Kombucha helps some with muscle aches and chronic fatigue

84. Sounder Sleep

85. Clears mucus from Bronchial passages

86. Helps with bee and jellyfish stings

87. Helps resolve some prostrate problems and difficulty with urination

88. The colony used on third degree burns forms a protective covering and

greatly speeds healing and helps control pain.

89. Colonies kept in the refrigerator can be used on any burn

immediately. Instantly takes pain out of the burned area and limits the

area of the burn.

90. Help for Hammer Toes and Bunions

91. Reverses the aging process.

92. Helped keep my immune system strong

93. Prevented chronic fatigue syndrome outbreaks

94. Excellent for removing infection from the body

95. Use Kombucha tea in place of wine in salad dressing and marinade recipes

Kombucha Manna International: Kombucha Manna Drops


"Kombucha, like Love,

 Makes those young,

Whom age doth chill,

And whom it finds young,

Keeps young still."

by Marge Russin

Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is our belief that Kombucha does not "cure" anything, rather it seems to help the body to heal itself. This information is obtained from testimonials of people world-wide who have used Kombucha. No one person will experience all of these benefits and no one substance is right for everyone. No specific outcome is predicted in any particular case.

No health claims for Kombucha have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved Kombucha to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. Please consult your health care provider about the use of Kombucha products in your particular situation.


Kombucha Manna International: Kombucha Manna Drops