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100% Organic Kombucha Manna Drops Were Our Specialty!

ATTENTION:  We are no longer selling Kombucha Manna Drops and Manna Green and White Tea Extract! Thank you for your interest and customer loyalty for so many years. It has been a privilege to serve you. It is now time for us to retire. We plan to sell Manna International soon, please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this business.

It is our primary intention that Manna International Kombucha Manna Drops be a positive contribution to your health and well-being!

Kombucha Manna Drops have been sold world-wide since 1994. We make our Kombucha Drops based on a proven European formula approved by both a Medical Doctor and a Pharmacist. Kombucha Manna Drops are a pure, liquid, Kombucha Extract made from our own 100% Organic Kombucha Cultures.

Kombucha Manna Drops have essentially the same benefits as Kombucha Tea but in a safe, concentrated, portable, convenient, form.

Maximum-Strength, Highly Concentrated: Kombucha Manna Drops come in a 1oz./30ml. glass dropper bottle and a 4oz./120ml. glass refill bottle.  Usually fifteen Kombucha Manna Drops are taken in water, juice, or tea, three times a day. Some other brands of Kombucha Drops require that twice as many drops be taken each time. Of course, more can always be taken if needed. Kombucha Manna Drops are very easy to use, just drop in water or another beverage of your choice. That is all there is to it!

Kombucha Drops are much more effective than Kombucha powdered teas, tablets or capsules. Liquid extracts are absorbed up to 40% better than capsules and/or tablets and act much more quickly in the body .  

Our Kombucha Drops contain no sugar and for that reason, they are often preferred for Diabetics, and of course, for everyone else as well. To bring the greatest benefit to your health, and to our environment; only Certified Organic - Fair Trade Teas, Certified Organic - Fair Trade Sugars, and filtered Artesian Well Water are used to produce the Manna International Organic Kombucha Colonies from which we make our own Kombucha Manna Drops.

Your health is our number one priority!


To preserve freshness and increase bio-availability, Certified Organic Alcohol is added, making Kombucha Manna Drops totally safe from contamination and also completely portable. They require no refrigeration so they are great to take to work or traveling! Alcohol also allows for complete digestion immediately in the stomach, thus increasing absorption, and a faster therapeutic response. The amount of alcohol in 15 Kombucha Drops is less than that found in a piece of ripe fruit! By pouring hot water over your extract even this tiny amount of alcohol can be removed for those who may be sensitive to it. 

Manna International is the sole distributor of Genuine Kombucha Manna Drops! Our Kombucha Drops are often imitated - but never duplicated!


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 Kombucha Manna Drops 1oz/30ml Dropper Bottle

Kombucha Manna Drops Dropper Bottle Cobalt Blue Glass

 1oz./30ml.@ $15.00/bottle. (Priority S&H $5.00 USA Only)

 Kombucha Manna Refill Bottle 4oz/120ml

Cobalt Blue _Glass_ Kombucha Manna Drops Refill Bottle:

4 oz. /120ml. @ $50.00/bottle. (Priority S&H $5.00 IN USA Only)

***International Customers*** Please email us for shipping and handling rates _before_ placing your order.


***International Customers*** Please email us for shipping and handling rates _before_ placing your order.

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