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Part Two - Health Benefit Reports

From Kombucha Drinkers

"Let your food be your medicine
and your medicine be your food"

Hippocrates 460 - 359 BC

© Copyright 1995 - 2000  Colleen M. Allen

Please Note:
The following "Health Benefit Reports" are included with permission from the authors



What I suffered from primarily was excessive gas, irregularity, constant pain in the upper and lower left quadrants, weakness, slight fever, and many more minor symptoms. I was treated with several medications, but the only thing which helped at all was "AXID," an H2 blocker medication often used for ulcers and reflux disorders. I would take an AXID tablet before meals, and while this was palliative, it was proving less and less satisfactory the longer I took the drug.

Almost immediately after drinking the tea, my stomach felt much better, and quantity of gas decreased markedly. I wondered whether a placebo effect might explain my improvement. But the next day, I felt even better; belching stopped and there was no pain. There is little doubt in my mind that Kombucha Tea has a very beneficial effect on my condition. I was getting ready to discuss this with my physician, but sadly, he passed away yesterday. If after a few days, my condition does not deteriorate from what it is today, I will consider discontinuing the AXID. For the first time in several months I feel normal.

Update: October 02, 1995: I continue to use Kombucha Tea daily to control my condition. I have stopped the use of Axid entirely.

Kombucha hasn't cured me, I know this because when I stop taking it, within two or so days my condition worsens. Still, while I use the Kombucha Tea I am O.K., and am very thankful to have been introduced to it via the Kombucha list.

Stan Bernstein


I have been completely bitten by Kombucha fever--in a good sense. I've been brewing and drinking it regularly for several weeks. I have found my digestion to be better, my "dandruff" gone, and most important, my craving for alcohol greatly diminished. I'm a struggling alcoholic who has had years of sobriety, slipped, got on and off, etc. I find that the Kombucha has detoxed and got me through (hopefully) the last binge and into a clear headed sobriety. Can one drink too much KT? I'm up to four glasses a day and have noticed no ill side affects.

Anonymous by request


The other day, a woman who used to work for my wife and who had to quit because of arthritis, came into her place of work. The woman had been using a cane when she quit. This woman was like a new person. She no longer used a cane and had quit taking her arthritis medication. My wife asked her the reason. She said that "she was drinking a quart and a half of K-tea a day, and never felt better in her life." She offered to give my wife some mushrooms and my wife decided to accept. Wednesday we went to this woman's place of work (yes she was working again) and she gave us five mushrooms. I gave one to my brother who has had many heart attacks and is still having a lot of digestive problems; and I have four gallons of tea brewing in anticipation that my three daughters may want to try it.



Hello Colleen,

My sister Linda brought a "Manchurian mushroom" back from her holiday in Alberta (we live in Nova Scotia) last May with no fan fare and started brewing and drinking it. Smelled to me like beer brewing - weak beer to taste, but that THING on top. So I just said "how nice for you." I thought she was a little crazy. But Linda is a gourmet (hates that term) cook and knows mushrooms. Humored her because of that.

About two weeks later she told me she didn't hurt anymore. And she hasn't had a pain free day from arthritis in 35 years, and it was getting worse. Next she went to her dentist who demanded to know what she was doing differently. Linda says, "why" and the doctor says "there's something different about your blood chemistry," because he could not make her gums bleed as it usually does when he worked on them. Linda is middle fifties and is just now getting her teeth in bands. So she told him, and rather than being shocked, he told her that since regular antibiotics are losing their potency and effectiveness, there's a lot of research being done on enzymes to replace them. And had heard a little about Kombucha--nothing bad anyway. But she had NO knowledge about it and asked her Internet savvy brother to do a search. Well, she was blown away by the amount of information I found for her out here. Encyclopedias are now redundant.

That's when I started brewing it myself and reading the digest. Now my gout and other pain producing arthritis is in remission. I use that word as I believe it would come right back if I stopped. I was in denial about how bad I was and didn't know how much until my pain went away about two weeks ago. I feel great. So now I guess I will just have to keep this new habit. Wonderful habit--looking after one's own health.

But there are also other side benefits. The first is increased energy, the second is PMA (positive mental attitude). This time of year I experience SAD that gets worse as the days shorten. None now. The increased energy has a side effect too. Because of this increased metabolism, I get tired earlier. That's okay too, helps sleeping. Weight loss too and decreased reliance on coffee.

If Kombucha IS a placebo, then the definition for placebo needs redefining. Maybe "SUPER PLACEBO," because it actually works!

We have given many babies to very grateful friends. I have three on my waiting list right now. The thing I most like is that it is a whole body treatment--the shotgun method, so to speak.

While our medical industry likes to use specific treatments for all ailments. That's treating the symptom (disease) instead of the cause (toxic organism).

My kudos to you for your dedication to helping others! Spreading the word on Kombucha reminds me of the old proverb about feeding someone fish today, or teaching them to fish and feeding them for life. Stone Phillips on 20-20 last week said there were up to three million k-tea drinkers in the USA. Where else can they go but here to find out about it? Keep up the good work Colleen!! And you may use this post in any way

Ross Craig


I have been brewing and drinking Kombucha for nine months with amazing results, like those wild testimonials in the literature; facial wrinkles (I'm 60) filled in, gray hair turned back to normal. I sleep better, and bowel function is better. I originally obtained the Kombucha culture from another "HERB list" member at Arizona State University. I was at first wary, thinking like the skeptics on this list, that these claims were too extreme. But my husband had been taking prescription pain killers for arthritis, and the medicine gave him ulcers. So I figured, why not try this wonder elixir? After a couple of weeks my husband's pain eased up and he has not had to take pain killers since. Plus hair is growing back on his bald spot. Now that's something we hadn't even expected!

I have read all the skeptics here, plus the hints that those of us who think this does something for us must be experiencing a placebo effect, or have altered some other activity in our life to effect these changes. And we may not even be all that critical in our thinking to believe some beverage could do this. Say what you will, but there is nothing that you can say to me which can contradict my own experience. Studies of the kind reported in Science News, take lots of time and money to conduct. Just because someone hasn't published something in a science journal does not prove that Kombucha is a hoax. How many years has it taken for science to acknowledge that, yes, fruits and vegetables, and some vitamins can be powerful tools in preventing cancers? Don't rush to judgment until there's something to judge.

Nancy Goren


I started drinking the tea mixture last month (5/19), 4oz per day for first two weeks. Then upped it to 2x then 3x then 4x daily. Mine is made with 3 qts boiled water, 5 Lipton tea bags, 1 cup light brown sugar. Fermented 7 to 8 days, tried 9, and it was too vinegary. (is that a word?)

I have had severe arthritis problems for over 4 years. Had mild arthritis before that but woke up one morning and couldn't lift my arms. Also couldn't turn my head very far. Doctor pushed me to exercise, and I did reach a point where I could lift arms to shoulder height. Exercise was very painful, but it was that, or gradually lose complete use.

A couple of days after starting drinking the tea, I was free of pain, and in a week, could move my arms above my head. Started light workout. Now, a little over a month later, I am lifting weights and doing a full workout. True, I had to start at 30 pounds on the bar-bell and 10 pounds on the dumb-bells. I can turn my head now. I still need Ibuprofen (Morton), but at a very reduced dosage. The arthritis is still there, I can hear the joints as I move. The pain is gone, the movement is back. WOW!!!!

My son (16) is taking it. He is a football player. Works out with me. Biggest effect for him so far is disappearance of hay fever problems. That also has happened for me and for my daughter (18), who also joined us in taking it.

My daughter was having problems with a skin irritation possibly due to hives. I read the information about applying the culture topically. I ran two cultures through the blender along with enough of the tea to make a smooth paste. One application and her skin problems disappeared.

I have noticed that dry skin problems at my elbows and ankles, (I'm 60), have disappeared. Noticed a bit of dark hair in patches peeking through what had been a completely gray beard. Still 90% gray though. Then I started growing hair on top of my head. Not in big clumps. Just individual hairs interspersed through a completely bald spot in the front center. Yes, male pattern baldness. Have used the paste on it now on an irregular basis. There is hair growing. It comes in thin and gray but turns dark after a week or so and fattens up. IF its going to fill in, it should take 6 months to a year at this rate. And I think that's a big IF. As I understand, from one of the things I have read on Male Pattern Baldness the hair on the top has a different genetic pattern that causes the baldness. If it does fill in it will be welcome. I will pamper it.

My skin has been thoroughly abused by an outdoor life working in full sun on 100+ degree days. The wrinkles were deep, and the age spots were profuse. All seem to be lessening. Have water on one knee. Hope that goes next. All I can say is IT WORKS!!!"

Update: October 02, 1995: It's now Fall and I have been drinking Kombucha Tea for several months. The water on my knee disappeared last month. Suddenly the knot, about the size of a tennis ball (wow!! Thai's water) started shrinking. It took about 2 weeks, and its gone completely. The hair on my head has continued to fill in ever so slowly. I wish I could report it filling in two weeks like the rate of water disappearance. I think I will lengthen the time estimate for filling in, to a year or two. The big news is that it is happening at all.

I experimented with making the brew with white sugar, (it does taste better), but I find it wasn't as effective for my problems. I returned to brown sugar. I also found that there was no increased immediate effect of increased dosage. I have returned to drinking one cup once a day.

I have slowed down so much on the ibuprofen for arthritis, that my local pharmacist included a note in my last prescription about the dangers of under use of prescribed medication, that is supposed to be taken on a regular basis.

I live in Sacramento, California, which is, according to US Govt. Stats, the worst place in the county for bad air and allergies. When the temp. outside reaches around, or over, 100 degrees, the air quality becomes extremely unhealthy. I still have problems on those days; but, the problems are much less than in past years. You know the kind of days, when you think you have suddenly contracted emphysema because you can't get enough good air into the lungs. Not your fault. There just is NO good air. We had a record number of those days, and I was out for a few minutes to several hours in every one of them. Walking a couple of miles at least. Only once did it get so bad that I had to take medication. That's a hell of an improvement.

Still 15 pounds over ideal weight, but I'm working on it; harder, believe me, to lose at 60, than it was in my 30's and 40's. Maybe if I gave up things like the junk food that all writers eat as they write,....Nahhhh... that's too radical.

Jack Vander White


I have been drinking the tea for about 2 months. The only noticeable results I have had (and it is a vast difference), is the ability to tolerate alcohol much better. I am not an alcoholic but enjoy a drink now and then. My system had gotten to a point where even one glass of wine would have me feeling sick the next day. Now I can drink 2 or 3 times that with no bad effect. I don't intend to abuse this, but its great to be able to go out to dinner with friends and not have to be a teetotaler. As I recall, my ability to tolerate alcohol had steadily deteriorated since about 12 years ago when I had mononucleosis. Maybe the tea has had a restorative effect on my liver or spleen. A friend of mine, who also was drinking the tea, has ceased to do so due to a new problem with candida.

anonymous by request


I'm brand new, - only been drinking k-tea for a month. Already notice better skin, less wrinkles, regularity, and most wonderful of all,-- I got the best BP reading in two years yesterday!

Update: October 04,1995: I have been drinking Kombucha Tea since March, 1995, and it just keeps getting better.

Marianne Toscano


I want to give you a positive report on a blood pressure test I had this past week. For the last year my pressure was steady at 140/90, plus or minus one point on each figure (borderline high). This week's test, after about six weeks of daily 4oz servings of Kombucha Tea, showed 130/80-a full 10 point drop of systolic and diastolic figures! Hooray! I have felt better too. Occasional headaches and minor dizzy spells are gone. I am not aware of any other change in my diet or lifestyle other than the Kombucha, so I attribute the most likely cause of lower pressure to the tea.

Maybe with the spring gardening chores, I will be able to burn off a few pounds and drop those BP figures by a few more points.

Joseph Council


I must share a success story with you that I feel KT has been a part of. In April of last year I was informed I had kidney cancer that had invaded the vena cava and was at the entrance of the heart. Surgery took place immediately and a double operation was performed. Due to the size and nature of the cancer, it required open heart surgery and removal of the right kidney. Needless to say, it was frightening. One of the things I did to cope with it was research cancer. We all hear so much about it, but really know little about it until it strikes home. During my research, I ran across at letter from Canada that had been posted by a lady by the name of Victoria. She mentioned Kombucha tea in her story of her father's cure. I had never heard of it before. Since we get desperate when we do not where the cancer is and where it will surface next, I decided to try Kombucha in addition to my regular visits to the doctor--CT scans, X-rays and blood tests---on a 3 month cycle. This week was my 3 visit to the doctor. He is amazed how quickly my blood was restored to normal. There have been no signs of the cancer metastasizing yet. Matter-of-fact, they do not want to see me until June. We are the happiest people in Pennsylvania right now. Does it mean I am cured? No. Could it come back? We all know there is that possibility. Did Kombucha do it alone? I doubt it. Prayer and a healthy lifestyle makes a difference also. But, considering I am not on any medication or chemotherapy, I sincerely feel KT has contributed greatly to my condition. My wife and daughter are now on it. My doubting older sister, although a bit skeptic, has started it. (I believe the disappearance of my grays along with the intestinal benefits I have realized has convinced her). Enough for now. I have learned much from all the web pages, this digest, etc., about KT. I am using it successfully in cold Pittsburgh and we are enjoying it more each day. Thanks to all of you.

Update July 4, 1997

Hi, Colleen. My computer crashed a few weeks ago so I have no record of my testimonial I submitted in January. However, I continue to take Kombucha although my kidney cancer has recurred and I am in the midst of IL-2 treatment at the Pgh Cancer Inst. Kombucha was the first of many holistic type remedies I have been using. It continues to prove beneficial to my intestinal system even if it did not prevent the cancer from recurring. During my first week of IV treatments, I continued to take at least 6 oz of Kombucha a day in the hospital. I also am using essiac in addition to a number of herbs and supplements. If you should have any additional questions/concerns, please let me know.


John DeMoss

Authors note: John explained to me that "IL-2" means interleukin-2. Unlike chemotherapy, the biological agents such as interleukin and interferon are used to enhance your immune system to the degree that it attacks the cancer and hopefully destroys it.


I wanted to comment on the yeast issue. About 3 weeks into drinking the K-Tea (anywhere from 1/2 to 1 cup a day) I developed a raging vaginal yeast infection AND an oral yeast infection (thrush). The oral yeast infection had never happened before. The vaginal yeast infections are pretty rare as well. I thought about the K-Tea right off, and wondered if it could be the reason I developed this. I didn't want to stop drinking it though, and I remembered reading here that other's yeast infections had been helped by the tea. Sooo, I experimented. I would take a swallow of the tea, and hold it in my mouth as long as possible. I did this several times in one day. The thrush was GONE the next day. After seeing this, I HAD to do much the same thing in the other area! ;) One treatment.... that was all it took. Vaginal yeast GONE and has not returned! Amazing, no?

Cynthia Leggett


I have had good results with K-tea bashing my candida. The itch is gone, and my skin is clearing. My husband has also noticed that his Jock itch is gone. We drink about a cup a day. My husband sometimes drinks more than I do; I seem to get heartburn if I drink more than a cup. Other benefits are improved circulation, vanishing hemorrhoids, and it gets rid of a sore throat real quick. I sing too, and notice that it clears my throat better than anything. It's very relaxing to the vocal cords. I drink some before performing.

Anita F. Hales



My experience is as follows: began using Kombucha 4 weeks ago. brew consists of 3 qt's purified water, 1 cup raw sugar, and 5 bags black tea. No discernible effects for 2 weeks; never suffered from constipation, but currently bowel function seems to occur every morning w/out fail. Eyestrain greatly diminished. Circulation improving (warm feet, hands); noticed some broken capillaries around the nose. General sense of well being? less anxiety? maybe... wonderful ability to fall asleep when I want to, girlfriend reports similar feelings/reactions.

By the way, we got our Kombucha from a former co-worker (girlfriend). This Kombucha was generations before given to a desperately ill father of another co-worker (this is third-person stuff, - I never met the ill person). He suffered from a virulent cancer and was pronounced terminal, and sent home to die. His son brought home a Kombucha, father is back at work. Cancer is not in remission, cancer is no longer detectable in the man's body. Man has been examined by his doctors, and was asked to visit another hospital for confirmation.

Dennis Cashato


I haven't found that it helped my asthma yet, but I am losing weight and I like that. Something is in the Kombucha Tea though. When I give it to my boys when they have a cold, the snotty nose clears up, and they get over the cold in a day or two; much faster than before. My youngest is only 3 so he has quite a few colds and sniffles.

Vic Hlushak


I have been drinking K-Tea for 5 months now and have experienced many of the same things the rest of you have: High energy, overall sense of well being, immunity to colds going around, skin improvement, etc. However, one totally UNEXPECTED result is that my mostly gray hair seems to be turning black. I didn't notice at first, but now several people have asked me what I'm doing to my hair.

Update: October 02,1995: I still drink it every day and still free great! My hair however, seems to have reached equilibrium.

Wayne R. Reynolds.


Since drinking KT I've not had ANY urinary tract infections--and for me that is quite a miracle. I've also had a strong history of colitis and bowel problems--Since drinking KT I have had none of these problems--another miracle. I've had so many of these kinds of "miracles," and the only thing I'm doing that is different is drinking KT. I'm pretty much of a "show me" person, but I have to believe that KT is doing my body a real favor.

Back to the water--LOTS of water allows the KT to work its "magic" by flushing out the toxins in the body. So, for what it's worth, my advice is to be sure that you are consuming more-than-adequate amounts of water.

Sandi Anderson


I have been drinking the k-tea for about three months now, and have definitely noticed improvement in two areas. First, prior to drinking the tea, my energy was extremely low due to depression and grieving over the death of a loved one. After about 3 weeks of drinking 4-6 ounces a day, I began noticing a tremendous increase in energy, and also an increase in optimism (maybe the optimism increased my energy), I really don't know which came first....at any rate I intuitively feel that the Kombucha is responsible for this. The second area of great improvement is, no more constipation, this has been a life-long problem for me, so to have found something that helps me to get regular, is a major advantage to drinking this tea.......I just all the way around feel better!



I am diabetic, originally diagnosed with a fasting glucose level of 313. I have type 2, and don't take shots. I take Tolinase 250 mg a day. I have found since drinking the tea (about 5 months now), I maintain NEAR normal sugar levels WITHOUT medication. I have cut down to about half dosage of medication. This works well. If I take more my sugar levels will be driven too low, and I have to take glucose candy. I let my tea ferment about 2-3 weeks; this makes it very vinegary, but I want to make sure as much sugar as possible has been converted. I use the typical recipe of 5 black tea bags, and a little less than a cup of plain white sugar. I also add about a half cup of starter.

There may be other factors responsible for this improvement, such as diet, but I believe the tea to be a major part. I used to have to take as much a 2 pills (500mg) a day, to get my sugar levels down to acceptable levels...this was BEFORE I started the tea.

Frandel Simmons


My husband has high blood pressure, and is a diabetic. Since drinking K-tea for 3 months now, the doctor *has cut all his medications in half,* and he feels wonderful. He has more energy and has lost 15 pounds.

Darlyn M.


After all the good reports about K-tea and acne, I would also like to report that the tea seems to have cleared up my significant other's eczema. He's had it for years, and no doctor has ever been able to treat satisfactorily. After about 6 weeks on the tea, it began to clear up. Then he quit drinking it for a few days, and it flared up again. Once he resumed drinking the tea, his skin cleared up again.

Update: October 02, 1995: My SO has, for various reasons, taken several breaks from the K-tea since my post, and had his eczema recur each time, then disappear again when he resumes the tea. His age spots have also faded, although his graying hair and arthritis remain unchanged. For myself, after an acne-like skin detox., the major effects I have noticed are improved digestion, a general sense of well-being, improved sleep, and incredibly vivid dreaming (but then again, I don't have any age spots or gray hair to get rid of yet ).

Katherine (Casey) Blake


I started drinking the tea on June 1 of this year. My first batch was brewed for 8 days, the next for 10, and now I am at 14 days. Some benefits I have noticed. I can make a fist properly for the first time in years. But even more important to me, during this hot and humid weather, my lungs always cause me problems. I have emphysema, or sometimes the doctor calls it chronic bronchitis. It is also quite a bit like an asthma attack. In the past, weather such as this has kept me from going to work or doing much of anything. And I almost always would require medical treatment, usually prednisone This time though, I did not miss time from work. And, I am able to get around, hot and humid as it has been.

The only change in my life is the tea, which I take 3 times a day. I have heard the same thing from people I work with, that are on the tea. One guy said he still gets a cold, but it doesn't last long and is not as bad as he usually gets. He attributes this to the tea. He also said he has been losing about 3 pounds a week.

anonymous by request


I have been drinking Kombucha for about three months now. I've certainly noticed some interesting effects. ....This stuff is absolutely a cure for endometriosis. I don't mean that it makes it better. I mean, for me at least, that it is a cure. I've been holding out against surgery for a long time now, and I can't say what a RELIEF it is, to have the problem just be gone. Everything seems to be working in a normal way. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience with endometriosis and Kombucha Tea.

Kathy Fleischauer


I have had a real odor problem with a certain pair of tennis shoes, but just the other day I noticed that my feet don't smell bad any more. Just as a test I even wore the same socks for two days, which used to almost rot my feet off. When I took my socks off after the second day, there was no noticeable odor. AMAZING because I used to have to keep my shoes and socks somewhere other than the bedroom, because of the smell. Also my general BO seems to have greatly diminished. I have only been drinking the tea for 1 month. About 20 oz. per day. After reading this it sounds like I am a real sweat hog. I am just average.

Ralph Durtschi


I have been drinking K for 6 weeks now, and I can definitely say it has cured my heartburn completely. I have taken photographs of the liver spots on my back to see if and when there will be any changes.

Happy drinking, Marc


My husband's health has improved a lot; energy, sinuses, all around health. For me I noticed a better complexion, healthier hair, and my hemorrhoids went away. ( I'm only 26 so I don't know why I should have those anyway. Good riddance to them I say ). We noticed benefits right away and they gradually increased as time went along.

I've noticed that when I drink it before going to work in the mornings that I don't get hungry until well after lunch time.

Gail Watson


I have Hepatitis C, and I started drinking Kombucha about three weeks ago. At first I got a bad side ache, and my liver hurt a little bit, so I backed off of it for a few days. Then, when I started drinking it again, I just drank 2 ounces instead of 4. Anyway, now I feel better than I have for a year. My stomach was really bothering me, and that's better now. My skin is great. But best of all, the horrible fatigue and nausea from the hepatitis is completely gone. Oh, the other thing I noticed is that my muscles don't ache anymore, and my TMJ feels better.

Sue King


I have been drinking the tea for about 2 months now. I have had good results so far as I can tell, I started drinking the tea for my gout attacks. It seems to help. I am currently drinking 16 oz of tea a day; 8 oz in the morning, and 8 oz before I retire for the day. Well, yesterday, I got a gout attack on my left ankle. It wasn't full blown to the point that I couldn't walk, but it was uncomfortable.

This is the second attack I have had since drinking the tea. I then was surfing the net, and came across the WWW page on Kombucha. There was a section by Dr. Huntoon, which I read, and it states to only drink 4 oz a day. I then proceeded to call his office. The person I spoke to said to drink only 4 oz a day. Then I can increase the dosage to 6 oz after drinking the tea for 6 months. She said that if I drink too much the body will spill over the toxins and the liver will be overworked. I tried to think in my mind how this would happen. I thought that if you drink too much, the body should just get rid of it. I don't know.

Another thing, positive of course. Since drinking the tea, my elbows and joints are feeling better than they have felt in years. I can now do overhead triceps movements, whereas before, the elbow always stays pointing to the ground, or parallel, but never overhead. In other words, my tendinitis on my elbows seem to have disappeared. My chiropractor used to have to treat it almost every other week, but since drinking the tea, the pain is gone. I have only introduced the tea to my diet, everything else stayed the same.

I know its only anecdotal evidence, but heck, it seems to work for me!!

Wellington Mar



Milan Basta, M.D., Ph.D, who is currently a research scientist at the National Institute of Neuromuscular Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) in Bethesda, MD, has given me permission to include the following information --from his message which was posted over the Kombucha mailing list-- in the Kombucha FAQ.

Jason Cole is a 27-year old professional with a masters degree in developmental economics. In October of 1996, he left for Angola to participate in a food relief project. On December 8, 1996, he was admitted to the U.N. field  hospital in Huambo with signs and symptoms of malaria. Three days later he became jaundiced and it was realized that he had contracted hepatitis A as well.

After one week of hospitalization he was med-evacuated to Washington D.C. He recovered from malaria in the course of several weeks, and the recovery from hepatitis was apparently pretty rapid. Jason felt strong enough to travel to Lima, Peru, to visit his family for Christmas.

His recovery seemed to be continuing, since he felt fine and that sense of well-being corresponded to the levels of serum transaminases (enzymes that are released from acutely damaged liver cells), which were not outrageously abnormal -- SGPT/ALT was 165 IU/l (international units per liter, normal range 5-60; SGOT/AST was 58 IU/l (normal range 15-43).

SGPT/ALT and SGOT/AST designate transaminases that are detected in the serum of patients with acute hepatitis and they indicate damage to liver cells, since they are manufactured and stored within liver cells.

SGPT and SGOT are previous designations still in use, so most clinical laboratories use both old and new names. They are spelled out as follows:

SGPT/ALT - serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase/alanine transaminase
SGOT/AST - serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase/aspartatetransaminase

After returning from Lima, the recovery continued, but only until mid-February 1997, when Jason experienced fatigue. His blood test showed abnormally high transaminase levels. This result was repeated and verified two weeks later.

On March 6, 1997 SGPT/ALT was 455 IU/l and SGOT/AST 143IU/l.

His doctor recommended liver biopsy to determine the cause of such an unusual course of hepatitis A (in this disease transaminase levels usually peak early in the jaundice phase, then quickly fall and remain slightly abnormal for 2-3 weeks after the jaundice). Jason got very depressed and nervous.

At this point I suggested taking Kombucha, which is supposed to help the  liver get rid of toxins produced during normal metabolism. Since Jason's liver had been damaged, I thought that Kombucha was an obvious therapeutic choice. Jason agreed, and I provided him with one gallon of Kombucha that I had prepared and at the same time I instructed him on how to prepare his own. Jason started drinking Kombucha right away.

Here are the results of his subsequent blood tests (serum transaminases levels):













37 (normal)


32 (normal)





Basically, roughly one month after starting taking Kombucha his transaminases were back to normal.

Jason has been drinking Kombucha ever since and has felt well and energetic. He believes that Kombucha helped him recover from what might have been an exacerbation of acute hepatitis or a progression to a chronic stage of the disease.

Additional Note:

Tom Tragert introduced me to Kombucha some 18 months ago.
What I read about it at that time made a lot of sense to me, so I decided  to start taking it and I haven't stopped since.  My wife and I drink about 20oz of Kombucha every day. We are recommending it to all our family members, relatives and friends( I "exported" one mushroom to my native Yugoslavia last year, so now my parents are avid Kombucha consumers too).

When Jason contracted hepatitis, and especially when the disease took that dangerous course, I convinced him to start taking Kombucha (and it did not take a lot of convincing, since there was nothing else he could try, other than have the liver biopsy done and perhaps get on steroids).

Dr. Milan Basta



My dear mother's arthritis was so bad in her hands that she could not shake hands, without extreme, severe pain. (especially during "peace-time" during mass, where you turn to the people around you to exchange the sign of peace with a handshake and greeting ). But, after drinking K-tea for ~2 months, her arthritis has completely disappeared! It is really all gone! She can grab your hand and give you a strong, healthy handshake now, with a smile on her face, instead of crying out in pain.

Another friend of mine was an alcoholic. He consumed 3-4 beers every night. He could not go 24 hours without a beer. Now, after ~2 months of drinking K-tea, he is completely free from beer! He doesn't have the desire to drink any more at all!

I would sit at my desk and drink coffee all day. 5-6 cups of coffee, then a cup of tea in the afternoon. Now, I have lost my desire for coffee and tea. I can barely drink one cup a day now!

But, best of all.... my husband's aunt was very sickly. Congestion was building up in her lungs to the point where she was on oxygen 24 hours a day! She could not take off the oxygen for 10 minutes without passing out!

After drinking K-tea for ~2 months, the doctors have taken her completely off the oxygen! She is free from that machine and oxygen hose having to follow her all through the house. The doctors tell her that her lungs are perfectly healthy and normal now--she is cured---although they are amazed and cannot explain it!

Darlyn M.


I have been drinking Kombucha (Manchurian) Mushroom Tea for over a year. It's made my hair grow faster, and my hair stylist and colorist can't believe it's thicker. The texture is healthier, shinier, and the Kombucha eliminates gray. At first an acne condition was worsened when I drank the juice, but my skin cleared after a few weeks, and it's never been better. I sleep easier and have more energy.

It's had miraculous effects on my family! My mother has Lupus. She's had three minor strokes, and breast cancer, has high-blood pressure, and is permanently on Prednisone (cortisone), which makes her look bloated and fat. Needless to say, for the past eight years she'd become a recluse, unable to go out in public without feeling dizzy and faint. After just a few days of drinking the tea, she was able to go to the mall. Soon she was going to the movies, and visiting friends. Now, after drinking it regularly for almost a year, she's able to walk for 8 hours straight at Epcot and other theme parks (my parents live in Orlando). Most of the bloating is gone and she looks thinner and healthier, vibrant and energetic.

My dad started growing hair after forty years of baldness. Granted, it's not a thick bush on his vast bald spot -- more like fuzzy tufts, but it's hair never-the-less! He was gardening recently, and cut himself up pretty badly. My dad was used to cuts and scrapes, from his previous work before retirement, and it normally would have taken him a week or so to heal, but within two days, all of his wounds were totally healed.

One of my uncles had such bad arthritis in his back that he had to have cortisone shots every two weeks in his back. Since drinking the tea for the last nine months, he hasn't needed one injection. Another uncle had such badly swollen feet that he couldn't walk ten feet without having to sit. After drinking this juice, he's able to run for miles with no pain.

A friend of my parents' had a car accident two years ago and had migraine headaches every day. She'd tried everything to stop them, but nothing worked until she drank Kombucha.

Even my nephews' pet rat, who was riddled with cancer was able to survive for about nine months longer than the vet predicted. My sister put the juice into his water, his tumors crusted up and fell off, his hair grew back thick and shiny and he was fine. When she stopped the juice for a few weeks, the tumors grew back. She put him back on the tea and they fell off again. The rat lived far longer than expected and if he'd drunken the tea from the start, then he might never have contracted the cancer. Same goes for humans. It's been drunken as a preventative tonic in rural communities around the world for over 2,000 years, so this "fad" is here to stay.

Jill G.


When I started drinking KT, I started with 2 ounces a day and increased the amount gradually up to 16 ounces a day. I has a few minor detox symptoms at the very beginning, but none after that. I was very ill with pneumonia and pleurisy for three months early this year. I increased my KT up to 24 ounces a day during the last 2 weeks of my illness. I have no "scientific" way of knowing if the KT helped me regain my strength, but it sure didn't hurt me in any way. I have a "sluggish" immune system (at best), so strength and energy are not my strong suites. I have stuck with the 24 ounces a day ever since with no adverse effects. ( many thanks to Colleen for her insight and advice). I might add that I also drink 64 ounces of purified water every day.

I have a history of severe Migraines for forty years at the rate of about two episodes a month, lasting an average of 3-5 days. For these episodes, I had to go to the ER or Dr. Office for Thorazine IV-push--the only drug that ever stopped the Migraines in my case. I haven't had one Migraine since November '95. I also have a history of Colitis. That too, seems to be a thing of the past. KT also has proven to be a great diuretic for me. I also have Asthma. Last November my Dr. had me cut down to half the amounts of medication I had been taking since 1979. When I was ill this year the meds were dramatically increased with the addition of several antibiotics, and Prednisone. I developed a yeast infection from the Prednisone...what a "fun" time THAT was! That's when I increased the KT to 24 ounces daily. But, after the illness had run its course, he recommended I go back to the half-doses, and I'm happy to say that I'm doing very well, even during a very heavy pollen season.

Samadi in Oregon


This is day 5 for me drinking k-tea. I am 52, in good health, but seem tired a lot (before drinking the tea). I cannot believe how energetic I have felt these last 4 days- psychological or not??? I go from early morning till late at night and hate to go to bed as I am still full of energy. I noticed some bloating on day 3 and 4, but cannot be sure it was the k-tea or something I ate. I do not take any medication, am in my normal weight range, and exercise on a regular basis. After watching the "mushroom" brew several batches, I decided to try drinking it.

Update: October 03, 1995: I have had migraine headaches for 48 years, and since drinking Kombucha Tea they are hardly a problem; even if I have one, it is so mild that aspirin works!

Elaine C. Mongiu

32. PAIN

I had two foot surgeries that left my foot deformed and my knee in really bad shape. I had severe daily pain. After drinking KT I saw and felt an enormous difference in the way my foot and knee felt. I am wondering how I ever lived like that (with that pain), for 13 years. I know when I have forgotten to drink my KT because by 9AM, I am in severe pain. Believe me, I try not to forget to drink my KT, but in all reality it happens every now and then. I have also noticed that my allergies have subsided.

Angie H.


Last week I got into poison ivy cleaning out the edges of the yard. I get it bad--rash, itch, spreads all over. After several days of treatment with herbal lotions etc., I began applying KT (the tea not the mushroom) to the rash. It burned like the devil but really helped the itch. Every time it started to itch I would slap some more tea on. Within hours I felt relief and it started to clear.

Linda Sue Baker


Hi, just wanted to share. I've been drinking the tea for a few months now and enjoying lurking on the Kombucha list for the same amount of time. The biggest change I've noticed is that I no longer have PMS symptoms of any kind, and my period lasts about 3 days instead of 5 to 10. Makes me happy, though without painful breasts, and screaming mimi attacks as a reminder that it's coming, the onset of my period can be most surprising!

Diana Gard


I suffered for 10 years (that is 45 to 55 years of age), from what the main-stream medical fraternity diagnosed as prostatisis. The symptoms varied, but at their worst, resulted in lower back pains, lethargy, feeling generally ill, and everything being just too much effort. Various doctors and specialists over the years prescribed a variety of medications, usually antibiotics which didn't cure, and caused a host of other problems. Having lost faith in the establishment I sought help elsewhere, trying: acupuncture, iridology, magnetic therapy, magnetic water, and homeopathy. What made me feel even more despondent was the fact that I endeavored to lead a healthy life-style. Exercise, through bicycle riding, no smoking, no drinking of alcohol, and a balanced diet. All apparently to no avail! In desperation, I contacted Mary Long, of Long Lastings USA, the publisher of the shareware computer program "Good Health With Herbs," and Mary suggested that I try Longlasting's "Manchurian Mushroom." That was 10 months ago, I now have the energy to go on cycle tours, my self esteem has returned, and thankfully, none of my previous symptoms of prostatisis. I only wish that I'd known about Kombucha all those years ago!

Regards, Robin E Layton


Good things we have had from drinking Kombucha: I am much more mobile with my gout. My faded eyebrows turned black again. My carotene patches by my left eye and left cheeks are almost faded away. My old age spots fade away until I go out in the sun again. My huge and small fatty tumors are shrinking. One I didn't really want: My white hair is turning darker gray so I had to bleach it blonde. One friend's pain from kidney stones went away until he became Mormon and couldn't drink tea--his pain returned. My son has psoriasis almost all over his body. While he was drinking Kombucha, twelve ounces daily, the itching and white scales went away, not the scars which he wanted to go also. When he stopped Kombucha because he thought there was caffeine in it keeping him awake, his psoriasis came back full strength. One friend's arthritis gets better when he drinks K regularly and he can lift his arms above his head. It helps one friend's psoriasis but not her arthritis. All the cushioning is gone from her knees.

Marjorie Perry Russin


I've been drinking about 4 - 8 oz per day for about two months. Haven't noticed anything really, except perhaps better "regularity." Then again, I didn't catch the flu that been going around that almost everyone I know had, but who knows?



I have Reynaud's Syndrome. Even living in Florida I am tormented with it, but since about 6 months after starting on KT I find I do not have near as much trouble. My circulation is 100% better.

I also have Varicose veins. Standing for long periods of time would cause my legs to burn and ache. I now have no problems with my legs and I stand quite a lot where I work.

I didn't notice much improvement from the KT until I started drinking 6 oz. three times a day. When I raised my water intake I noticed even more improvement.

No doctor has ever done as much for my physical or mental well-being as KT has done for me.

Ralph Williams


I want to thank all of you for you concern about my stroke. I can assure you that it is a very frightening thing to have happen. I hope that I will return to normal soon, as I still have numbness in my left arm, hand, and in my face. The face is ugly enough without help from this. I can say that I think I owe my life to Kombucha. I truly didn't know that I had so many friends until now; especially Colleen, for having filled my spiritual sails, which has allowed me to soar with renewed esteem.

Carl Mueller


I'm sending this out in case it will help others with Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or Chronic Diarrhea. It had a very bad case of ulcerative colitis, to the point where I lost my colon due to heavy dose of steroids. I have been drinking Kombucha Tea for 5 months and have regained my hair (it got very thin), have acquired a lot more pep, and am closely watching my age spots to see if they disappear.



I've been drinking k-tea for a year and a half. No bad side affects.

Good effects: restored hair, hair color change, no colds, no flu, great skin texture, good bowel and intestinal action. Great health. Good energy, no problems. Active sex life. Age 59 going on 40.

Update: October 2,1995: You may also add that it has eased my athlete's foot problem and my dandruff.

Jack Barclay


I am not really into the tea myself, but my mother swears by it. She ferments it for 7 days as you said, and Mum says that it helps hear with her weight. She also was involved in a car accident, and the tea has relieved her of some pain caused by the accident. My 15 year old brother is drinking it as well and I have seen an improvement in his acne problems as well. My Grandmother says it helps her with her hernia, and heart problems, and says she has a lot more energy than she used to.

Chris Jabs.


I always give my fermenting tea a "taste test." The 5th or 6th day I take my gallon container and pour off 4 oz. If it's too sweet, then I test it again daily until it is just right to harvest. My father-in-law is a diabetic, so I like to brew it a bit on the vinegary side, although I go through stages of liking it sweet/vinegary. I know much literature says not to disturb the fermenting culture, but my cultures are healthy and the tea tastes great! Also, the new culture is easily separated when I harvest.

I have a friend who gives 4 oz of Kombucha to her 10 year old son for a major constipation problem (He's gone through a research program in N. CA. and even had biofeedback therapy). She says Kombucha has done more for him than all the expensive drugs she had him on--paying almost $200/month! Anyway he dips his cup into the fermenting tea because he likes the sparkling quality. I always like to pour out of the major container on any food products--to keep contamination down.

Update: October 04, 1995: I've enjoyed drinking Kombucha Tea for 6 months now. I like the extra energy it gives me. I've also noticed that my daily coffee intake has been cut in half. But the best benefit I've noticed is a weight (and body fat) loss. I was 160 lb. when I started drinking Kombucha Tea, and I now maintain a weight of 135 lb.!! When I feel like munching on food in the late afternoon, I have a 4 oz glass of Kombucha and it suppresses my appetite!

Diane Minden


I began drinking the tea for severe stomach pain in May, of '93. The stomach pain vanished with the very first sip of the tea! I continued drinking 4 oz every morning and 4 oz every evening. After a week, I noticed that I had lost weight. By August I had lost about 35 lb. I experienced a great surge in energy and brighter outlook on life. I could go on 6 hours of sleep, when before KT, I needed at least 8 hours to function, and then needed a nap a mid-afternoon. Also, at that time I was well into menopause, with hot flashes and night sweats. After KT, I still had hot flashes, but they were slight and only lasted a few seconds, and no longer had the night sweats. As time went on, I noticed that the age spots on my hands were disappearing, my facial wrinkles were going away (even with the weight loss), and my myopic vision was improving.

The first few weeks of drinking KT, there were numerous skin eruptions all over my body-especially on my face, underarms and groin. These soon healed and never returned. I felt like perhaps this could have been a sort of cleansing or detoxifying. I began drinking more purified water and continue to do this and the problem has never returned. Also, at the beginning, for about a week, I experienced frequent bowel movements-not exactly diarrhea, but close to it.

After two years, drinking KT I had lost 70 lb. I hadn't been sick once! I used to have frequent colds, but no more! There were times when my eyes felt scratchy and I had a runny nose, but the symptoms would be gone the next day. No more bronchitis and coughing and hacking for two weeks! My feet no longer have an odor-all day in boots or tennis shoes and my socks smell like shoe leather! I still use deodorant, but have no BO anymore.

As time went by, the weight loss became slower and slower-maybe a pound per month, or two months. Someone suggested I stop drinking the tea for awhile then begin again and the weight loss would go faster. So, I stopped around the first of November, '95. In January, '96, I got the flu. Certainly was miserable and couldn't seem to get over it-just felt extremely tired and had lung congestion-coughing, intermittent fever etc. Started a new batch of KT, waited the 10 days, then began drinking 16 oz a day. After about a week, I was well again. And yes, I started losing weight faster again, but I don't expect I'll ever stop drinking the tea again. Altogether, I've lost 83 lb. with another 20 or so to go.

Marie, In Missouri


My friend Edna has a little dog that is over ten years old named Rudy. She gives Rudy a little Kombucha 2, or 3 times a week. Edna says it helps Rudy's asthma, and also keeps her regular.

Gail Watson


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When I came back from a 2-year stay in India, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. That was 10 years ago. So up till last July, I had flatulence, diarrhea and acute gastroenteritis pretty often. The only thing I changed last July, (you guessed right) is drinking KT on a regular basis. I started slow as advised and I have been free of those symptoms ever since!! And that has tremendously added to my quality of life.

Francine Alary, Quebec, Canada


Hi, my name is Sheri. I just wanted to give an update of our Kombucha results: My mother takes it for her arthritis. She had very painful and swollen joints in her hands. After her 4th or 5th week the pain went down to a twinge, and her swollen knuckles have gone down so much that she can now wear her many rings again! (She couldn't get them on at all a while ago). She is thrilled about this. Her blood pressure is also lowered and she doesn't take her medication anymore. Her husbands gray beard is getting black again.

My partner at work is now off of her rheumatoid arthritis medication, because the Kombucha seems to be taking care of her pain and flare-ups. Her swelling has gone down also. She types all day, and no longer complains about her hands hurting.

I have more hair growth than I want! (just the head and eyelashes please, leave off the facial hair, and arm and leg hair!) But I'm blonde so it's not a big deal.

I think the K-tea is helping me to quit smoking. My cravings are minimal, and my appetite is under control. My husband, on the other hand, does not like or drink the tea, and he is going out of his mind with the not smoking thing. We are both on the patch, BTW. A little over a week!

It seems to balance the blood sugar/insulin thing. If I have sweets I don't feel sick like I used to. (uh-oh!)

I am requiring less sleep also. But, so far, have not lost any weight which is what I was hoping for. I drink about 8 or 10 oz a day, and have been drinking for about 3 months. I brew for 10-12 days usually.

Sheri Phelps



Updated: September 13, 2000

This list was created from the input of several hundred people from
all over the world who wished to share their actual Kombucha
experiences with others:-)) If you would like to add to this list
please mailto:OM@bestweb.net with your suggestion and your permission
to add it to this list.

*Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not
meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is our
belief that Kombucha does not "cure" anything, rather it seems to
help the body to heal itself. This information is obtained from our
own personal experience and testimonials of people world-wide who
have used Kombucha. No one person will experience all of these
benefits and no one substance is right for everyone. No specific
outcome is predicted in any particular case.

1.  Great beverage
2.  Sense of well-being
3.  Helps to relieve congestion in airways
4.  Thicker hair
5.  Energy boost
6.  Straightened my hair out
7.  Helps osteo arthritis
8.  Great conversation piece
9.  Licked Calcifying tendonitis
10. Helps with asthma
11. Has brought me into contact with some very caring people.
12. stress buster
13. very calming
14. Increase sex drive
15. Regulates Intestines.
16. Cured Candida Overgrowth.
17. Aides digestion, prevents acid reflux
18. Addictive taste.
19. Eliminates or reduces heat rash.
20. Improved circulation/controlled venous stasis in shins
21. Clears and Improves skin
22. Makes a good hair rinse
23. Redundant 'Momma's make good brass cleaners
24. Helped take the "scales" from a friends Skin disorder
25. Makes a wonderful, soothing foot soak.
26. Shrinking large fatty tumor.
27. Flattening and fading old age carotene patches on the face.
28. Stops severe menstrual cramps
29. Makes a wonderful facial.
30. Made me much more mobile with my gout.
31. Oncoming headlights do not bother me as much.
32. Reduces / stabilizes blood pressure.
33. Prevents and helps heal bladder infections
34. Eases carpal tunnel syndrome
35. Heals boils and staph infections on skin.
36. Prevents oral canker sores
37. Prevents eczema and controls psoriasis
38. Household Cleaner: cuts grease, cleans stoves, bathroom tiles,
windows, copper
39. Hair and nails grow faster
40. I can see the pupils of my eyes again without glasses.
41. More energy
42. Clears nail fungus and athlete's foot
43. Improves the sense of well being for people with liver Cancer
44. Helps an older woman feel and look younger
45. Helps Arthritis sufferers
46. Cleanses toxins from the system
47. Soothes burns and sunburn
48. Takes the sting and swelling away from Bee Stings
49. Good underarm deodorant
50. For some people; eliminates desire for alcohol, & helping to relax
51. Smashes flus and colds
52. Significant progress healing chapped lips from topical application of KT
53. Kombucha Colony makes a great poultice
54. Removes rust
55. Restores natural hair color, including eyebrows, for some people
56. Improved eyesight and eliminated "floaters"
57. Insect repellent, mosquitos and fleas
58. Smoothes out Cellulite
59. Kombucha Colonies can be used as bandages
60. Eliminates warts
61. Very good for some people with AIDS/HIV+
62. Improved flexibility
63. Eliminates moles and age spots
64. Dried Kombucha Colonies make great "chew toys" for animals
65. Rejuvenating effect
66. Use Kombucha Colonies as washcloths- good for your skin
67. Menopause problems disappeared: night sweats, bloating stomach,
mood swings.
68. Kombucha Colonies blended with KT and sugar make great Kombucha puree
69. I have noticed that Kombucha makes me feel brighter in myself
70. Kombucha gives long life and a merry heart!
71. Relieves Anxiety
72. Takes away constipation and hemorrhoids
73. Normalizes sleep patterns
74. Takes away aches and pains
75. Great morning stimulant (no need for coffee)
76. Cuts need for some medications in 1/2
77. Reduces or eliminates allergic symptoms
78. Athletes strength, stamina and recovery is much improved.
79. Fibroids less painful
80. People begin taking responsibility for their own health.
81. Removed scar tissue
82. Helped several people with digestive problems; Crohn's Disease
and ulcerative colitis
83. Kombucha helps some with muscle aches and chronic fatigue

No health claims for Kombucha have been evaluated by the United
States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved
Kombucha to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. Please consult your
health care provider about the use of Kombucha products in your
particular case.

*Kombucha sets an example of how life forms can work together in Unity*


Question: Has anyone had any experience on using the tea in cases of Fibromyalgia
or Chronic Fatigue?

Answer: I have both conditions.  I am happy to share with you very favorable
I was bedridden nearly 24x7x365 for 2 years.  I am now once again fully
The KT has really restored my life for me.  If the stressors of my life get out
of whack I am subjected to a minor flare-up, but nothing that can't be handled.

Blessings to you and yours,


HI All,
    Well, I reached a 2 year milestone yesterday and just had to brag to all my fellow Kombuchians!!  I have been on Kombucha Tea since Nov. 10, 1997 and haven't fallen a single time since I started on KT. Prior to that I was falling all the time. The regulars on the list know my problems, for those who don't, a quick update. I have something called Cervical Spinal Stenosis. In other words, my spinal cord is way to narrow, something I was probably born with. Due to a neck fracture in 1984 and arthritic bone spurs for 20 yr. (since I was 31 yr. old) and two ruptured discs in my neck, my spinal cord is crushed down to less than half the normal diameter. Normal spinal cord is 17 mm's, mine was 7.8 mm's in 1996. I was too terrified of waking up from surgery on a respirator as a quadriplegic, so the surgery wasn't an option for me.  I went to my Dr. yesterday for a sinus infection, and he did his normal doom and gloom number on me. But I did insist he do a neurological exam on me, where he tests my reflexes and balance. He is amazed that I can still walk, and says that since my reflexes are slightly improved that this proves that somehow the Kombucha Tea is working neurologically to help me. All I know is, that when I first get up, my hands are numb up to the elbows. I sit down at the computer and drink my KT (I drink 1 & 2/3 rds cup once a day) and read my email. Within 45 minutes, I can type like the wind with fingers that I can FEEL! If I miss a dose, I can't function. So KT to me is simply a necessity.  If you have nerve damage of any sort, I would suggest getting an Alabama strain of the culture and give it a try. I tried 4 other popular strains of cultures I got from Hank but nothing helped me like my Alabama culture for the nerve damage so. Anybody needing one, if you live anywhere near Dothan, Alabama (SE corner of Ala) I will give anyone all they need but I don't ship.
I sent Ariana the Alabama culture so I wouldn't have to ship them out, you can contact her about getting one if you don't live nearby. "Harmonic Harvest [E-MAIL]"

Blessings, Jerrilyn Pate

53. Various: Menstrual Problems, Weight Loss, Vision, Diminished Craving for Sweets and Alcohol, Retinal Detachment, Increased Energy,

I'm only a coupla weeks away from my first year on Kombucha but as there's not much going on the list at present thought I'd share my first annual report.

First Christina my wife who has taken it as regularly as myself. Her two biggies were menstrual problems and weight loss. Before we started on KT last October she was on a list to have a hysterectomy, her monthly's were really bad, lots of pain and clots. Within a month of taking KT this lessened and she is today virtually back to normal cycle pains. She is delighted with her weight loss,  she was always pleasantly plump and cuddly and has battled for years to look like her slim sister (even though I threatened divorce if she did cos I married her plump and cuddly) but the sight of a cream bun alone makes her put on pounds.

KT took away that desire for sweet things, she used to eat chocolate everyday but we rarely see it in the house now (due also to our diabetic girl and asthmatic boy). The main area of loss is her tummy face and bosom all of which have been trimmed of nearly 2 stone.Every time she goes out somebody will remark how well she looks and ask 'What's the diet?' She is very fussy and particular about food and I never for one moment thought she would take to drinking KT, but she did like
a duck to water. (Whoops!, had a quick look over my shoulder to see if that was a bad choice of words - should have said swan of course.....sorry hun!) She also uses it topically for her feet which crack a lot and finds a small pellicle colony wrapped around the damaged area works wonders.

I had a retinal detachment in the same month a year ago and I believe KT has brought the damaged macular back to almost 20/20. The floaters, which were quite severe after the op are now gone.
They were so troublesome I'd be trying to swat them thinking they were fruit flies. The double vision is still there but that is nothing KT can help with and I am still waiting for the surgeon to make a decision about removing the silicone stitched to the top of the eyeball that causes it.
I love the taste of KT and enjoy the brewing and drinking of it which gives me a lift of energy everyday. I also found it lessened my cravings for sweets and also suprisingly alcohol.
My enjoyment of a few cans in the fridge at night has not so much lessened as to I just don't think about getting one. The whiskey bottle stays untouched also cept for visitors, I enjoy a tot in my tea at night that's about all.(regular tea that is) I have just harvested a brew in which I used quartz crystals a lovely member of this list sent to me. I was very interested to try it as I've heard of spiralisers to bring dead water to life and this sounded similar.
I used 7 green tea bags/3 quarts instead of 5 and harvested at 9 days. The KT was much lighter even though I'd used more tea, clear and bubbly, the colony was a beaut, white and smooth, and the taste.....Mmmmwwwwaaa, smooth,refreshing and certainly different. I gave Christina 3 small glasses to try,and blindfolded her - we do have fun, one was Earl Grey, one was my normal green tea, the last was quartz/gt. Earl Grey no problem, that lovely bergamot very distinct. Green tea, perfick!, that's my normal says she. Quartz gt, Wow! Cyril what did you do to this one! she was crazy about it. So to finish all in all a good Kombucha year and looking forward to the next and possibly trying out a few different strains.
All Best,

55. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

You've probably already come across stories of folks who've been cured of various things with KT, but I'd like to share my personal 2 cents worth, as well.

I had IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) for ten years before finding out about KT. The last two years (98 and 99), I was losing blood every day.
Diet helped me keep it under control somewhat, but my diet was so very limited and I could not seem to ever stop the daily bleeding. I won't go into all the ugly details, but if you take a look at the alt.support.crohns-colitis newsgroup you'll see that this disease can be pretty darn scary. There is no known cure (known to modern medicine, that is). The only thing they can do is give you drugs to treat the symptoms (bad side effects, not always effective), or resort to surgery. The surgery for IBD is something which has a big impact on the rest of your life.

ANYWAY, to get to the good part of this story, I started taking KT in early January of this year (2000). The Inflammatory Bowel Disease quickly disappeared! It's gone. From mid-January to today I have had NO symptoms whatsoever! Nothing I tried in the 10 years I had IBD came anywhere close to these results! I'm also eating anything I want to eat! What a joy to go to out to eat with my wife without taking my thermos of food and asking for
an empty plate!

I started out buying from a health food store, at $20 a bottle, and it did so much for me that I continued, and bought about $400 worth before I started making my own.

Now my home-made stuff is, of course, a tiny fraction of the cost, and is also much tastier. My wife loves it too, and we have both noticed other delightful health benefits (more energy, etc.) besides the wonderful gift of healing of the dreadful IBD.

You are very lucky to have found KT and to be open to the idea. You are going to be very happy with the results.

Bob P.


Reprinted and modified on behalf of new list members suffering from candida:

For those of you that have seen this before, I apologize.  But there still seems to be a need to get the word out:

"Candida is a  naturally occurring yeast which lives in the  mucous membranes of the  gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts as well as on the skin.  By the time we are six months old,  as many as 95  percent of us are supporting intestinal candida colonies.  When an overgrowth occurs, it is the result of an imbalance in the intestinal flora.  Antibiotics,  birth control pills,  pregnancy,  diabetes,  and cortisone-like drugs (including
steroids) encourage yeast growth.  Also to blame are diets high in sugar and low in fiber."

The Yeast Syndrome
Drs.Trowbridge and Walker

Candida infestation happened to me in 1992  as a result of a life long diet high in sugar and other refined carbs.   I suspect a  bee-pollen honey mixture I was taking finally tipped the  scales since the combination B vitamins and sugar was the perfect breeding ground for Candida.

For three years I tried various diets and remedies to rid myself of the  problem, with marginal success.  They all helped but none gave permanent results.

In July, 95 I began brewing Kombucha Tea (KT) and by that September I  discovered that a very mature KT brew, just about vinegar strength, seemed to be having a positive impact on my condition.

By that Christmas that year my symptoms were gone.  I can say with confidence, this time it's permanent!  Once again I can eat whatever I want whether or not I drink KT.  But I still drink it because I like it and value it's health benefits in general.

Yes KT contains various yeast cultures.  All of them excellent for the  digestive track.   Theory has it that,  since these are competitors to Candida albicans they tend to starve it out.   At the  same time the  detoxifying nature of KT helps rid ones system of the toxins produced by candida, insuring these toxins don't further depress your immune system.

To be noted, however:

For the first 3-4 weeks I was more prone to colds, had a persistent raw throat and very oily skin.

For the  first 6  weeks the  effects seemed to intensify my candid symptoms and my bowels were running amuck.  However, after 3 months I  was cured of the  infestation and my intestines were back to normal functioning, something I hadn't experienced in the previous 3 years.

IMHO, during the early weeks of detoxifying with KT, the proverbial weak link in a person's health chain will always show signs of stress. But if you proceed cautiously, this irritating phase relents and health is restored.

For me this period was 3 months but, aside from candida, I had a strong healthy body and was in excellent athletic condition.

Still C-free thanks to KT,
--Len  (In glorious Charlottesville, VA)



After drinking KT for almost 2 months now, I'm finally seeing results and wanted to share them with you.  My blood pressure has been a problem for many years, trying pill after pill to lower it and never once getting it below 150/90.  Two weeks ago my DR said that I can stop taking one of the meds that I've been on because I started getting so dizzy.  My BP has suddenly dropped to 115/64.  I was completely overwhelmed with this GREAT news.

My cholesterol has leveled off to 200 and my triglisorides are still a taste too high but that has also dropped.  I was so sick with back to back viruses, colds, flu, you name it, I was getting it, for three months and now all of a sudden I feel so good that I don't know what to do with myself.

My daughter is 18 and has had trouble with cramps during her periods to the point of not
being able to get up and getting an upset stomach, ever since she started her period and just this month said that she had NO discomfort whatsoever.  She too is glad to drink the KT every morning.  We even went out and purchased a "Special" cocktail glass to drink it from.  Each having our own Special glass.

I've even lost 8 pounds!





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