Thursday July 22 1999
Went to the top of the Gateway Arch at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in Saint Louis, MO, but somehow didn't pick up a single brochure or postcard! We did go to the World's Only Floating McDonald's, though.

Friday July 23 1999
In Louisville, KY, we found a very nice kennel to leave the dog at for the day, right near our motel. With tips and directions from half a dozen people we ran into at breakfast and at the kennel, we found our way back across the river to Atlantis Water Park in Jeffersonville, IN, for my birthday.
Surprisingly located under our somewhat scary motel was a wonderful Indian restaurant. The restaurant guide particularly recommended it for dessert, and the dessert menu certainly did look good, but, unfortunately, we were a little too late to stay for dessert and also make it to the movie theater, where we went to see Inspector Gadget.

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