Tuesday 20 July 1999

Capulin Volcano may be extinct, but it's still hot in the desert!

Then we drove across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, with a stop in Dalhart, TX at a computer and ice cream store (but they hadn't gone the next step of setting up Internet stations to eat your ice cream at).

In Liberty, KS is "Dorothy's House," recreated from the Wizard of Oz film set, and the mysterious "Land of Oz" in a steel shed behind it, but we arrived after closing time and didn't find any postcards or brochures. We saw a sight that must have been an inspiration for the Emerald City, though: Near sunset, there were fields of wheat stubble burning in the distance. The smoke from the fields combined with the colors of the sunset to make a big, bright green patch on the horizon.

Wednesday 21 July 1999

Very hot, very dusty.

At the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, KS
we searched the exhibit of gifts of state for the golden shoes of Queen Tamar, which Zaza said he was sure Khrushchev had given to an American president. No luck, and we were too late to catch the curator.

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