Sunday 18 July 1999
At the Grand Canyon Lodge, we had been disturbed to see the amount and quality of pawned jewelry in the gift shop, including a necklace for $450 that was obviously worth easily three times as much, for which the owner must have gotten no more than $200.

At Navajo, we found that the gift shop concession was Native owned, and we spent so much time there, both shopping and just talking, that we wound up not getting out to see the ruins at all!

(This picture is really from Utah, but we drove through Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona.)
Then we drove through Four Corners and up into the San Juan Mountains.

Monday 19 July 1999
Pagosa Springs, CO, land of fake geyser cones!

The hot springs itself is kind of hidden behind a pumphouse (not pictured here, of course), and they actually pump the water up into these contraptions around town. Strangest of all are the two huge murals along the street with pictures of pioneers and Indians--and fake geyser cones!

Wolf Creek Pass in the San Juan Mountains
Raton, New Mexico

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