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Saturday 2 September 2000

Joe reaches too slowly for his digicam Both of us having done the "call 411 to double-check the address" bit from very near the Hotel Delmonico, Joe Manfre and I found ourselves outside the front door at the same time. We went in to find red, M1EK, and Noah sitting and waiting for confused-looking people to arrive.
red's hotel crowd
Eventually Poot Rootbeer came in from his spy-camera post halfway across Park Avenue, and Ranjit arrived with his female friend whose name and relationship nobody ever managed to extract from either of them.

Where we didn't go:
Where we did go: Khyber Pass, a very cozy Afghan Restaurant on Saint Mark's Place, where we managed not to decide much about what to do next. Noah suggested a show over in Chelsea called The Donkey Show, and to pass time until then we wandered down to CBGB to see what was going on there. Joe fell ill on the way and rushed back to the restaurant, saying he'd meet us at CBGB.
LEARN TO BARTEND Mew-Mi Noah displays the red eyes of death above "A COUNTUYSIDE KITTEN." Several of us attempt to photograph his backpack with no success.
Bored from calling me "Afghan Boy" one too many times, M1EK falls asleep against the lightpost, failing his first lesson ("LEARN TO BARTEND").
M1EK, who, like red, was in town for a wedding, left us at this point to go to a really lame bachelor party.
After hanging around outside CBGB for a while and reaching into Ranjit's bag of presents Ranjit's elbow with unfinished beer
cool beans
we headed back toward Saint Mark's Place to see if we could run into Joe again. We never did. We stopped at a sidewalk cafe where the desserts were good but the beers were so vile they caused Ranjit's head to vanish.
Minus Ranjit and friend, we caught a cab to The Donkey Show, passing all the sex shops and shoe stores along Christopher Street, and proceeded to dance ourselves silly.
Poot and red with telephone booth Afterward, Poot and I accompanied red back to the hotel, where the lounge turned out to be closed and instead we found an amazingly gritty Ukrainian bar just down the street to sit in and cool off for a while, before I left them to what we now know turned out to be


Third Prize.

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11 March 2001

Be sure to go see The Donkey Show if you're anywhere near New York! (Or London now, apparently.) It's A Midsummer Night's Fever with Puck on rollerblades and two guys named Vinny.

WARNING: Their site now requires ShockWave, a couple minutes to spare for the opening animation, and a high tolerance for disco music ALL OVER YOU SCREEN! For the video-impaired, here are the vitals, as of March 2001:

New York: Club El Flamingo, 547 W 21 St (between 10 and 11 Ave)
Wed & Thurs at 8:00 PM, Fri & Sat at 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM
8:00 shows $35, 18 to enter; 10:30 shows $39, 21 to enter
Party starts half-hour before showtime
For tickets, call: 212-307-4100

London: Hanover Grand, 6 Hanover Street, W1
Mon & Sat at 7:45 PM, Tickets 17, Concessions 12
For tickets, call: 02074131733