My brother-in-law managed to snap up the last Magnetic Poetry Calendar 2000 for me from the calendar stand at the mall! Here's some of what it's inspired so far:

Christmas Day creation:

Breath Like Evening

Breath like evening falls over all moons
As you ask her spirit not to sleep off the song
And drop strange shadows across whispering summer.
There can be a secret dreamthrowing dancer,
Deeply perfect after my soft, chill hour.
You are his snowcolored morning star.
He will feast and roar like windy gold sky;
Yet, come winter, I hear him leave this dark life.
How shall time relent from the long thousand-year rain?
What mother planet bloomed with cold plum wine?
Why was a child less light muddy green?
It goes a wanderer through storm and universe forever.
See me warmly celebrate, were she let out here.

Feel spring blow red as steel balm;
These leap about, warm as father steam.

Two done together with Brendan:

A Thousand Plums This one made the online anthology.
(Unfortunately, the photo came out rather blurry

as you can see from this huge blowup
I used to transcribe it!)

A thousand plums, dark wine, and this perfect summer
Sleep secretly as I whisper the dream story.
A winter feast like strange green planets
Roars to you softly.
Chilly morning shadow child colored my breath gold.
What spirit can dance like him after sipping soft sky?
Have these come about yet:
    Snow, universe, sun, steel, rain, and evening?
Your mother will not fall with father off his earth.
Use red light for less stormy wind across springing life.
Celebrate mud and time as long as he be all over the song.
Hear her out; see deeper.

The Aria of the Mad Poi or, before
The Song of the Mag Po

I pleasure not solicit for enterprise and lavish,
From forenoon mud as juvenile as idiosyncratic.
Your cherubic apparition shall issue picture,
The aspect across the planet Me.

I will not ask for steam and rain
From morning mud as green as strange.
Your childlike shadow shall come see
The light across the planet Me.

Entirety diverge abysmally, fulminate and bellow,
To revel like pluming volley.
However clandestine gold can hurdle,
An hour's sesquipedalian bubbles sleep in.

All wander deeply, blow and roar,
To celebrate like pluming storm.
However secret gold can leap,
An hour's long dreams oversleep.

Subsisted summertime snow a consummate throw,
It exist joyless dusk, there you collapse.
A shivery dance subsisted tendentious red,
Posterior a lax, fervent, imbibing Ed.

Were summer snow a perfect throw,
It be cold evening, there you go.
A chilly dance was colored red
After a soft, warm, sipping Ed.

This one sat nearly finished through most of January
and February into mid-March:
At which point this one
popped out of the leftover words:
Dark Bloom in Winter why drop out
Through my secret breathing
a chill like long winter mornings
whispered the dark bloom's story.
I cannot see its cold shadow
wander across this deep blowing snow
as sun and sky dance with the evening wind.
You will hear, however, stormy roar turn to
a love song as soft as from a child,
and for an hour strange dreamless sleep
shall fall lightly like perfect gold-leaved summer.
why drop out
what was life
have you become his rainy day off after all?

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