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Announcing: Third American-Georgian Summer Institute Teaching Vacation in the Republic of Georgia
June 17-July 26, 1996

See Redjeb's invitation to last year's Institute for more about what's behind this.

15 ESL teachers/graduate students to teach in our Third American-Georgian Summer Institute (AGSI)
The 1996 AGSI is conducted in University facilities conveniently located in downtown Tbilisi.
Student body:
Beginners, high-beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced.
Three to four hours daily, 5 days a week. Class limit 8-10 students. Classes meet two hours per day.

Conditions: Inside Georgia, all costs are covered by the Institute. Faculty members are housed in private apartments downtown, with full breakfast and dinner. Lunch is provided by the Institute during the one-hour midday break. Cultural tours and week-end excursions are offered free of charge (dependents included at no cost). Participants are, however, responsible for their own round-trip to Tbilisi and all expenses outside of Georgia.

Professor Redjeb Jordania
Director, AGSI
601 East 20th Street, apt. 6B
New York, NY 10010
Tel.: (212) 674-1606
E-mail: Redjeb@aol.com
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Redjeb's invitation to last year's institute:

Redjeb Jordania, Director
American Summer Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia
7 Lotus Avenue
East Hampton, NY 11937
Tel.: (516) 324-9153
15 November 1994

Dear Kartuli Ensemble Member:

We are in the preparatory stages of a Second American Summer Institute to be held in Tbilisi July 3-August 14, 1995 under the auspices of Tbilisi Independent University. Since I well know your interest in all things Georgian, I am taking the liberty of asking for your assistance to help recruit volunteer teachers for that worthwhile endeavour.

The Institute's main focus is the teaching of the American-English language, including preparation to the all-important TOEFL exam, which, as you know, is a prerequisite for any non-English speaking person to enroll in an American educational institution. The enclosed flyer gives particulars for the ESL program. (Prospective ESL teachers should commit from four to six weeks of their time.)

Also, in order to help Georgians join the mainstream of 20th Century Western life, the Institute offers courses and seminars in Finances, Banking, Economics, Business, Psychology, Geopolitics, and other subjects. Details of these courses are to be worked out with the individual professors, but in any case they will not exceed four weeks' duration.

Should you yourself have the necessary competence and be in a position to participate in the Institute, or if you know of an appropriate individual who might be interested, I'd greatly appreciate your letting me know at your earliest convenience.

FYI: Three years ago, in summer 1991, we already ran an American-English intensive summer program. The program was a great success: I was able to bring to Tbilisi 10 American teachers of ESL, and we had just about 100 students ranging from seven to 70 years old! Quite a few students later came visiting in the U.S. All the teachers loved Georgia and wanted to do it again the following summer; but, as you know, Georgia's internal situation deteriorated and we had to postpone the project.

I am confident that our Institute will again prove to be a great success. We expect to offer it on a yearly basis, and hope it will lead to establishing in Georgia a permanent American educational presence, either as a campus abroad of an American college, or in the form of an American University to serve not only the Georgians but also the whole Caucasian area.

Redjeb Jordania

Parmen Margvelashvili, Rector
1 Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi 381128, Georgia.

Teaching Vacation in the Republic of Georgia

July 3 - August 14, 1991 (sic)
12 ESL teachers/student-teachers to participate in our Second American Summer Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia.
The American Institute takes place in University facilities conveniently located in downtown Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.
Three to four hours daily, five days a week. Class limit 12 students.
The focus of the course is two-fold: the first four weeks are dedicated to the teaching of verbal and non-verbal survival techniques in the cultural environment of the United States: spoken and written American-English, non-verbal communication, customs, culture, ways of life. Current newspaper articles and audio/video tapes are extensively used. In the more advanced classes the last two weeks consist of training to pass the TOEFL exam.
Participating faculty members (and dependents) are housed in private apppartments downtown, with all meals provided. A stipend in local currency is also provided. Cultural tours and week-end excursions to other parts of Georgia are included.

As for tranportation: there are now direct flights to Tbilisi from several European cities. However, since hard currency is required for payment, and the Georgians, together with most former Soviet countries, have practically none, participants will be responsible for their own round-trip to Tbilisi. (It may be possible for the Institute to assume the costs of the leg Istambul-Tbilisi).

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, please write or telephone to:

Professor Redjeb Jordania, Director
American Summer Institute in Tbilisi
7 Lotus Avenue
East Hampton NY 11937
Tel.: (516) 324-9153, or (212) 674-1606
(Note this is last year's address; see above for current contact information.)