These programs are cribbed from all those little scraps of paper we read them from on stage. I figure having them all together in one place can help members keep track of what our current "old standards" are. Feel free to send me more if you've got lists you can still read! To know exactly what to study to be ready for upcoming concerts, see our current repertoire.

Upcoming programs

Sunday 27 March 2011, 7 PM: Woodland Pond at New Paltz, NY

  1. acharuli maqruli
  2. shen khar venakhi - guruli
  3. batonebo
  4. mival guriashi - megruli
  5. chela
  6. patskha (dzveli, old)
  7. lechkhumuri maqruli
  8. svanuri zari? tsmindao ghmerto?
  9. perkhuli
  10. aslanuri mravalzhamieri
  11. aralo
  12. mgzavruli (chemi tskheni)
  13. sakhumaro (oreri, oreri)
  14. tsangala da gogona
  15. tsintsqaro
  16. mokle mravalzhamieri
Encore: akhali patskha

I'll probably reuse this program, minus a number or two to make room for narration, at Mohonk.

Friday 29 April 2011, 7:30 PM: Chveneburebi Festival
James Chapel, Union Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway at 121 St, New York, NY

  1. acharuli maqruli
  2. imeruli mgzavruli (chemi tskheni)
  3. tsintsqaro
  4. aslanuri mravalzhamieri
Possible massed number: mokle (short) mravalzhamieri

Recent programs

Sunday 23 January 2011, 2 PM: The Gardiner Libary, Gardiner, NY

We presented a one-hour concert with several Christmas songs (alilo) for free-will donations to the Gardiner Library.
  1. imeruli alilo
  2. aralo
  3. batonebo
  4. guruli alilo
  5. megruli alilo
  6. patskha (dzveli, old)
  7. chela
  8. zari
  9. lechkhumuri maqruli
  10. rachuli alilo
  11. aslanuri mravalzhamieri
  12. sakhumaro
  13. tsaiqvanes tamar kali
  14. romelni kerubinta
    / da vitartsa meupisa
  15. mokle mravalzhamieri
encore: akhali (new) patskha

Saturday 22 January 2011, 7 PM: First Presbyterian Church, Kingston, NY

We presented a full-length concert with several Christmas songs (alilo) to benefit the Sanctuary Renovation Capital Campaign of First Presbyterian Church.

Past programs

Tuesday 11 June 2002, 7:30 PM: concert at Zion Episcopal Church, Wappingers Falls, NY

We originally planned this as a second concert with Adiloi before their director leaves for college, but, unfortunately, they were busier with the end of the semester than they realized when we first discussed it. We sang our complete current repertoire for this concert, and Kevin joined us to sing the tskhenosnuri and acharuli maqruli afterward.

Sunday 9 June 2002, 10:00 AM: service at Zion Episcopal Church, Wappingers Falls, NY

In advance of our concert at Bill Brooks's church, we sang romelni kerubinta as an anthem for their worship service and a few songs in the fellowship hour afterward.

Minnesota weekend, 8-9 June 2002

A section of the Ensemble gathered at Richard Osborne's house in Faribault, Minnesota, and sang shen khar venakhi and some YRC favorites: at a theological conference at nearby Saint Olaf College for which Jay Longan was organizing music on Sunday evening.

Saturday 20 April 2002, 2:00 PM: Joint concert with Adiloi
in the Seymour Saint John Chapel at Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT

Adiloi is a group of kids at Choate who e-mailed me out of the blue last fall, asking for some songs to sing on a concert in three weeks! A group called Bread and Puppets got them interested in Georgian songs, and in those three weeks they put together three songs to sing at a reception after the all-school Parents' Week concert.

29 December 2001, 8:30 PM: Cubbyhole Coffeehouse, 44 Raymond Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY

Our first formal performance in over two years! We lost two basses to last-minute holiday plans, but Josh Valleau was in the area for Christmas and joined us, and the phenomenal Andrew Karr helped us out by coming and learning the repertoire and the style in just two rehearsals.

  1. alilo
  2. mgzavruli
  3. mival guriashi
  4. chela
  5. zari
  6. maqruli
  7. tsaiqvanes tamar kali
  8. motsikuli kristesagan
  9. shen khar venakhi (kartl-kakhuri)
  10. aralo
  11. batonebo
  12. romelni kerubinta / da vitartsa meupisa
  13. shen khar venakhi (guruli)
  14. patskha
  15. tsangala da gogona
  16. aslanuri mravalzhamier

Tuesday 30 October 2001: open mic night, Cubbyhole Coffeehouse, 42 Raymond Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY

After we sang three songs, Lee invited us on the spot to do a full concert there. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a record of what those three songs were! I think they were:
  1. tsangala da gogona
  2. shen khar venakhi (guruli)
  3. aslanuri mravalzhamier

Friday 26 March 1999: Rosendale Cafe, Main Street, Rosendale, NY

Looks like I've lost this program before I had a chance to archive it. We sang two sets, alternating songs between the Kartuli Ensemble and a trio of Carl, Khatia, and someone whose name I never got.

Saturday 7 November 1998: Northeast Music, Art, and Dance Festival, Newtown High School, Newtown, CT

NOMAD is back at the high school, finally! The Hudson Valley chapter and Iveria joined forces at 5:00 PM in the Lecture Room.

Saturday 24 October 1998: Bard Hall, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Donald Fagen may never be going back to Annandale, but we were happy to sing a one-hour concert there!
  1. kartvelo, kheli khmals ikar
  2. ghmerti upali
  3. brolis qelsa
  4. tsintsqaro
  5. shen khar venakhi (guruli)
  6. megruli alilo
  7. batonebo
  8. gushin shvidni gurjanelni
  9. lechkhumuri maqruli
  10. romelni kerubinta
  11. da vitartsa meupisa
  12. kakhuri alilo
  13. chven mshvidoba
  14. shen, bicho anagurelo
  15. aslanuri mravalzhamieri
  16. lashkruli

Sunday 14 June 1998: Lobsterfest, Church of the Messiah, Rhinebeck, NY

Despite Kevin's recent heart attack, this performance at his church went on as scheduled (at the very scene of the crime!). Never underestimate our ability to sing for free food! The program was the same as the previous night's, with some additional songs sung during dinner as teasers.

Saturday 13 June 1998: The Living Room, NY, NY

At a very appropriately named placed to meet up with our own "living room" ensemble (Darbazi), this concert also featured a Macedonian group and Sonya's group called "Nine Olives."
  1. tskhenosnuri (Darbazi)
  2. aralo
  3. shen khar venakhi
  4. romelni kerubinta
  5. da vitartsa meupisa (kakhuri) (Kartuli Ensemble)
  6. lashkruli (Kartuli Ensemble)
  7. ia patonepia (Darbazi)
  8. tbiliso (Darbazi)
  9. rachuli alilo
  10. sharatin ashua
  11. chakrulo
  12. svanuri perkhuli

19 May 1998: Celebration of 80 Years of Georgian Independence, Columbia University, NY, NY

This event was a smashing success for the Georgian Association, with twice as many people attending as they originally expected, the room so full there wasn't room for everyone at the tables at dinner! The Kartuli Ensemble alternated sets with the Dancing Crane, playing to Patriarch Ilia and all the ambassadors in the front row:
    1. aralo
    2. tsintsqaro
    3. lashkruli
    1. da vitartsa meupisa (kakhuri)
    2. rachuli alilo
    1. mival guriashi (megruli)
    2. lechkhumuri maqruli
    3. kartvelo, kheli khmals ikar
    4. chakrulo

25 April 1998: NEFFA, Natick, MA

This is the huge annual festival of the New England Folk Festival Association. Iveria performed Friday night in the Natick Room; I don't have their program. The Hudson Valley chapter performed Saturday afternoon in the Auditorium:
  1. kartvelo, kheli khmals ikar
  2. romelni kerubinta
  3. da vitartsa meupisa (kakhuri)
  4. rachuli alilo
  5. aralo
  6. mival guriashi (megruli)
  7. lechkhumuri maqruli
  8. lashkruli
  9. tsintsqaro
  10. mokle shemodzakhili
  11. aslanuri mravalzhamieri
  12. chakrulo

21 March 1998: Silver Spring Unitarian Universalist Church

Charlie Baum and Lisa Null arranged this concert for the Folklore Society of Greater Washington, and it turned out to be a bigtime reunion for members of the Hudson Valley chapter: Iveria: and the dispersed DC chapter: and the long-lost Richard Gilly, not-so-long lost David Gillman, and surprise guest Vakho whose last name I didn't get who sang with Martve way back when and who flew in from San Francisco, where he's studying for three months.

7 February 1998: Winter Carnival, Saint Joseph's Church,
New Paltz, NY

This was our third appearance to benefit the Mountain Laurel School, a Waldorf Elementary School in New Paltz.
  1. mokle shemodzakhili
  2. lashkruli
  3. guruli alilo
  4. aralo
  5. mival guriashi (megruli)
  6. chven mshvidoba
  7. kakhuri mravalzhamieri
  8. sharatin ashua

21 November 1997: concert with The Dancing Crane,
Warwick, NY

The Dancing Crane is a new Georgian dance ensemble organized by Victor Sirelson. A trio from the Kartuli Ensemble sang three sets of songs between dance sets:
    1. aralo
    2. brolis qelsa
    3. mival guriashi (guruli)
    4. kartvelo, kheli khmals ikar
    1. romelni kerubinta
    2. da vitartsa meupisa
    3. megruli alilo
    1. tsaiqvanes
    2. lashkruli
    3. lechkhumuri maqruli

9 November 1997: Northeast Music and Dance Festival,
Newtown, CT

This appearance was nearly cancelled, but Iveria plus Kevin and Charlie pulled through.
  1. lechkhumuri maqruli
  2. motsikulno tsmindano
  3. da vitartsa meupisa
  4. chven mshvidoba (a choral version)
  5. tsangala da gogona
  6. mival guriashi
  7. shen khar venakhi (both kakhuri and guruli versions)
  8. kartvelo, kheli khmals ikar

13 November 1996: Lunch & Listen,
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Poughkeepsie, NY

The Lunch & Listen series at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church was one of the Hudson Valley chapter's first major appearances. Eight or nine years later, the series is still running every Wednesday and we're back with lots of new singers and lots of new songs.
  1. namgalo
  2. keisruli
  3. da vitartsa meupisa (guruli)
  4. aralo
  5. tskhenosnuri
  6. motsikulno tsmindano
  7. megruli alilo
  8. rachuli alilo
  9. gushin shvidni gurjanelni
  10. chven mshvidoba
  11. chakrulo
  12. khasanbegura
  13. aslanuri mravalzhamieri

27 October 1996: Northeast Music and Dance Festival,
Newtown, CT

Reunion time for Iveria (the Boston chapter) and the Hudson Valley Chapter! We met after the International Festival to rehearse together, and we sang some of these songs together and some separately:
  1. lashkruli
  2. chven mshvidoba
  3. romelni kerubinta
  4. da vitartsa meupisa (kakhuri)
  5. tsintsqaro
  6. aralo
  7. dzveli kuchkhi bedineri
  8. mival guriashi (guruli)
  9. chiche-tura
  10. orovela
  11. aslanuri mravalzhamieri

26 October 1996: International Festival, Boston, MA

Thanks to Liz Napier and the Georgian Association, and the Hobby Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia was one of the best-represented countries at this year's festival.
  1. lashkruli
  2. chven mshvidoba
  3. da vitartsa meupisa (kakhuri)
  4. tsintsqaro
  5. dzveli kuchkhi bedineri
  6. chiche-tura
  7. orovela
  8. khasanbegura

11 October 1996: Zion Episcopal Church,
Douglaston, Queens, New York

  1. lashkruli
  2. namgalo
  3. da vitartsa meupisa (guruli)
  4. da vitartsa meupisa (kakhuri)
  5. aralo
  6. orovela
  7. lechkhumuri maqruli
  8. chela
  9. chiche-tura
  10. chven mshvidoba
  11. dzveli kuchkhi bedineri
  12. acharuli maqruli
  13. khasanbegura
  14. aslanuri mravalzhamieri

8 September 1996: Fishkill, New York

We were asked to sing at the Fishkill Reformed Church for the dedication of their Peace Pole. Unfortunately, I can't find my program from this one!

18 May 1996: Media Play, Poughkeepsie, NY

A promotional gig for their local music weekend.
  1. aralo
  2. chela
  3. rachuli alilo
  4. mival guriashi
  5. tsamokruli
  6. lashkruli
  7. shen khar venakhi (kartl-kakhuri)
  8. lechkhumuri maqruli
  9. vakhtanguri
  10. tsintsqaro
  11. aslanuri mravalzhamier

30 March 1996: First Presbyterian Church, Poughkeepsie, NY

This was a joint concert with Rozmarin, a Slavic women's trio from New Haven. It was sparsely attended, but I understand we came away with a good video. After Rozmarin's set, we sang:
  1. lashkruli
  2. imeruli maqruli
  3. romelni kerubinta
  4. mtiuluri
  5. lechkhumuri maqruli
  6. gushin shvidni gurjanelni
  7. tsamokruli
  8. dzveli kuchkhi bedineri
  9. acharuli maqruli
  10. chakrulo
  11. khasanbegura
Rozmarin then joined us for two songs:
  1. dida voi nana
  2. shairebi
Maybe next time we'll have a more equitable exchange and sing a Russian song with them!

24 February 1996: Friends Meeting House, Poughkeepsie, NY

This was originally scheduled as a joint concert with Rozmarin, but they had a conflicting engagement.

27 January 1996: Estonia House, NYC

We sang a one-hour set at the Georgian-American Association's Saint Nino's Day celebration. Unfortunately, nobody from the Embassy made it to present our award. Professor Philip Kohl gave a slide presentation about his archaeological work in Georgia and Armenia. Redjeb Jordania and Seth whose last name I didn't catch announced that Tbilisi Independent University is looking for teachers for this year's summer institute.
  1. kuchkhi bedineri
  2. ghmerti upali
  3. motsikuli kristesagan
  4. megruli alilo
  5. daigvianes
  6. brolis qelsa
  7. batonebo
  8. aralo
  9. namgalo
  10. sachidao
  11. gaprindi, shavo mertshkhalo
  12. tsamokruli
  13. chven mshvidoba
  14. shashvi kakabi
  15. khasanbegura
After dinner, we had one outburst of megruli vakhtanguri.

7 January 1995: Studley Theatre, SUNY, New Paltz, NY

This concert was the first on the Mountain Laurel School's series at SUNY. We sang on a program with pianists Tamara Poddubnaya and Oleg Koshelev. The organizers didn't even realize Tamara was Georgian until after telling her we were on the program! The concert was free for schoolchildren K-12. There were a few surprises on the program because of the snow! Even so, the organizer, Judy Jaeckel, was impressed enough that she suggested that we sing a program for them every few months on a profit-sharing basis.
  1. aralo
  2. ghmerti upali
  3. rachuli alilo
  4. shen khar venakhi (guruli)
  5. kuchkhi bedineri
  6. orovela
  7. kviria
  8. imeruli tskhenosnuri
Scary picture from the Herald. Beware--we're at the low end of the technological learning curve here, and Bill looks like a space monster in this fax of a photocopy!

17 December 1995: First U.Methodist, Highland, NY

This program was part of a Christmas program of the Highland Cultural Center. We sang songs between readings of Christmas stories.
  1. O. Henry: "The Gift of the Magi"
    1. aralo
    2. lechkhumuri maqruli
  2. Hans Christian Andersen: "The Fir Tree"
    1. romelni kerubinta
    2. chven mshvidoba (trio)
  3. "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."
    1. kuchkhi bedineri
    2. megruli alilo (trio)
    3. rachuli alilo
    4. aslanuri mravalzhamieri

8 December 1995: Post Office, Poughkeepsie, NY

This program was part of Poughkeepsie's "Celebration of Lights." We sang Christmas carols with Savoy Fare and then made a quick change into chokhebi.
  1. rachuli alilo
  2. kuchkhi bedineri
  3. romelni kerubinta
  4. lechkhumuri maqruli
  5. megruli alilo (trio)
  6. aqishi
  7. aralo
  8. chven mshvidoba (trio)
  9. aslanuri mravalzhamieri

3 December 1995: Bardavon Opera House, Poughkeepsie, NY

This was a segment on the Vanaver Caravan's program "Festivals of Light."
  1. rachuli alilo
  2. megruli alilo (trio)
  3. tsintsqaro

29 October 1995: International Festival, Boston, MA

This performance was organized by the Georgia Association in the U.S.A. for the first-ever representation of Georgia and several other republics of the former USSR in Boston's International Festival.

28 October 1995: NOMAD, Newtown, CT

Charlie and Alan joined the Poughkeepsie and Boston groups for our largest gathering in quite a while at the Northeast Music and Dance Festival. We finally got to perform in the auditorium this time.
  1. aqishi
  2. shen khar venakhi (guruli)
  3. kviria
  4. imeruli mkhedruli
  5. rachuli alilo
  6. chela
  7. rostom chabiki
  8. lechkhumuri maqruli

27 October 1995: First Reformed Church, Fishkill, NY

This concert was postponed at least three times. Just after intermission, half a dozen Georgians who happened to be walking down Main Street heard us and came running in!

1 October 1995: Cinema Kutaisi, Kutaisi, Georgia

This concert was shared with a Mingrelian choir called Harira and a girls' chorus directed by Rusiko (whose last name I never got). This is the program as I wrote it down, but we might have changed it around some, since our set winded up being split into three pieces. The concert was followed by a loud dance party. We also used nearly the same program at the youth festival the next night.
  1. lashkruli
  2. shen khar venakhi (guruli)
  3. lechkhumuri maqruli
  4. ghmerti upali
  5. mival guriashi
  6. chven mshvidoba
  7. daigvianes
  8. imeruli tskhenosnuri
  9. chakrulo
Encore: aralo

16 September 1995: Widow Jane's Mine, Rosendale, NY

The historical society held a celebration of its acquisition of the mine. They had us start off the proceedings with a short set, and then sing a few more songs as the crowd broke for refreshments. I don't remember exactly what we ended up singing; here are the two lists from my scratch pad:
  1. lashkruli
  2. ghmerti upali
  3. imeruli mkhedruli
  1. aralo
  2. aqishi
  3. chela
  4. tsaiquanes tamar kali apkhazetshi
  5. rostom chabiki
  6. chakrulo

Unidentified program

Anybody recognize this one? It might just be a working copy of the program for the August cave concert.

5 August 1995: Widow Jane's Mine, Rosendale, NY

This was our third appearance at "The Cave." We finally got nice weather this time!

16 July 1995: Senate House, Kingston, NY

This was part of an outdoor concert series at the Senate House.
  1. lashkruli
  2. tsmindao ghmerto
  3. acharuli maqruli
  4. lechkhumuri maqruli
  5. shen khar venakhi (kakhuri)
  6. shen khar venakhi (guruli)
  7. aralo
  8. mival guriashi (megruli)
  9. kviria
  10. imeruli tskhenosnuri
  11. rachuli alilo
  12. romelni kerubinta
  13. aslanuri mravalzhamieri

8 January 1995

My notes don't say where this was. The cathedral in NYC?
  1. lashkruli
  2. imeruli mkhedruli
  3. rachuli alilo
  4. megruli alilo
  5. shen khar venakhi
  6. gaprindi, shavo mertskhalo
  7. imeruli maqruli
  8. acharuli maqruli
  9. orovela
  10. lazhghvash
  11. chiche-tura
  12. rostom chabiki
  13. lechkhumuri maqruli
  14. kakhuri alilo
  15. khasanbegura
Encore: chakrulo
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