28 July 2005

Dear Everyone,

I wanted to tell you all that my wife's cousin's daughter, Natia, has had surgery both of her eyes and everything was very successful! She's walking around without glasses now, and is completely amazed. Below I've attached scans of two photos of Natia - one "before" with her glasses (she's next to her grandmother, Medea, who is my wife's aunt). The next picture is "after" - without the glasses. I've also scanned the first page of a letter that Natia's mother wrote to thank you all. The text is translated below, but I thought it would be nice for you to see the handwritten letter too.

We'd like to thank everyone who contibuted to funding Natia's operation. When I told Natia's mother that we had collected the money she was speechless. She later told me that she had already resigned herself to the fact that Natia would probably lose her eyesight, at least partially. This gift was so unexpected that she still can't believe it. Thank you all again & I can assure you that Natia and her family (including me!) will never forget your charity.

Thanks again & much love to you all from Tbilisi - Carl Linich

beforeNatia before afterNatia after letterletter from Maia

Here is the letter from Natia's mother, Maia:
Hello, my unknown friends!

Words cannot express the thanks I would like to give to you. My daughter, Natia, was severely farsighted (-13 and -12.5) complicated by astigmatism. This could have led to further complications such as cataracts, partial blindness, etc. For this reason, her operation was essential, but we had no way to pay for such an expense. We would have had to sell our apartment.

But thanks to Carl, to you all, and to the grace of God, something unimaginable happened. All of you, who were strangers to me, took my daughter's problem into your hearts and helped us when we needed it most desperately.

I don't know who you are, what you are like, or how many of you there are, but I do know one thing for certain: that you are kind hearted and caring people, and that even those of you who contributed just a penny to helping my daughter did so with the best of intentions.

Today my daughter is very happy. After her first eye opeartion, her first words were, "God, everything is so beautiful!" We are also very happy because everything went smoothly with the operations and follow-ups, and Natia's problems are now behind us. Thanks to modern medicine, Natia doesn't need her glasses anymore except for reading or watching television. Her eyesight is now around minus 2.5.

My whole family thanks you for your love and support. May God bless you and your families. Know that there is one person in Georgia who is thanking God for sending you to me.

Maia Kavtaradze

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