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Poughkeepsie Journal, 18 May 1978


As if there are not already enough problems in our schools and colleges today, a new evil is rearing its ugly head in our classrooms. It's called "cosmicity."

It's a new type of cheap thrill that gives a feeling of well-being and oneness with the universe, according to its users. Practitioners say that they sometimes believe that they are actually draining cosmic energy from the universe; hence, the name "cosmic."

I do not wish to go into the means used to achieve these effects for fear of encouraging more widespread practice. However, the effects are extremely profound.

One day a former honor student comes to school wearing a "Get Cosmic" t-shirt. Suddenly he begins doing strange things. His grades fall. He appears dazed in class.

In extreme cases he may stop talking in the middle of a sentence, and begin to stare ahead with a slow smile spreading across his face. This is one of the effects of cosmicity on the former prize student, who was such a pride to his teachers and co-students.

Some think of cosmicity as safe, since users claim no artificial substances to achieve this state. However, this view is gravely mistaken. After continued use, the user's brain may become psychologically dependent on "cosmicity." Once hooked, it is very difficult to kick the habit.

Therefore, I think that "cosmicity" should receive more serious attention before it gets totally out of hand. Teachers and parents should be alerted to this intensely frightening problem before it's too late.

Junior at Arlington Senior High School

Poughkeepsie Journal, 23 May 1978


I would like to reply to the letter by Carl Kugler on May 18 in which he put down a fast-rising cult which he labeled, "Cosmicity." Not only did he give it the wrong name, but he failed to give all the facts concerning our parareligious doctrine called, simply, "Cosmic."

Granted, we who advocate Cosmic do drain cosmic energy from the vast supplies of the unverse, and there are some who do become dependent on the vibrations that resonate through our brains at fantastic rates, but Mr. Kugler has his facts twisted horribly.

  1. He states that the grades of students who "get Cosmic" have dropped substantially. The only case of this so far has been that of a sophomore whose mental state was not fully prepared to receive Cosmic in the first place. Those who are acquainted with him were not at all surprised to see this happen. For these people, enough said.

  2. Mr. Kugler states that those who get Cosmic have seizures where they stop in mid-sentence, and...after a moment resume conversation. This is right-out falsism. I have no idea where he got this impression.

  3. Mr. Kugler is worried about the possible spread of Cosmic, his initial fear being that it might become out of hand. There is no danger of this occurring in the immediate future. The discoverer and leader of our faith would be the first to reveal the fact that only he and his one disciple are permitted to distribute Cosmic to human beings. And he urges me to stress that he and his apprentice do not give Cosmic on whimsy. Our ranks number about 10 at present.

  4. Mr. Kugler states that those who get Cosmic are becoming dependent on the vibrations in their brains. Entirely true. But then, again, we are also dependent in the same way on breathing and on our blood circulation. Cosmic does no more to our minds and bodies than listening to a good hi-fi system.

P.S. We use no artificial stimulants or chemicals to achieve this effect.

Arlington Senior High School

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