Artist looking for local house to cover in cheese

By Ernie Over
Staff Writer

When Cosimo Cavallaro has his photograph taken, it's likely the photographer won't have to urge the artist to say "cheese."

Cavallaro is an installation artist from New York City whose medium of choice is food products--specifically, cheese.

The artist has set his sights on Wyoming as the location for his next project, and he's now trying to find a canvas for his work, but it won't be canvas. Cavallaro wants to create an installation in Wyoming in and on a house.

That's right, a house.

"We realize that in order to find someone to allow us to create this installation, it may need to be just before some major construction to the home, or demolition," said Ken Preblich, a publicist helping the artist find a location for his next work.

"It'll probably have to be this fall--it's too hot right now for the cheese," Preblich said. "But we want to do it soon."

Cavallaro particularly likes a mixture of mozzarella and Swiss cheese.

Just ask Twiggy. One of his installations recently was covering the popular '60s model with his trademark medium. He also transformed a Manhattan hotel room last year. Both events attracted worldwide press attention.

Now Cavallaro wants to do a house in Wyoming.

Preblich said nominations for a candidate house for Cavallaro to install his cheese in and on are now being taken. Interested? Contact Brett Staniere at (212) 473-1500.

from The Ranger, Riverton, Wyo. 307-856-2244
9 August 2000
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