Within two days after Nigel died, someone had somehow managed to pass off a new kitten on us. I was stuck trying to think of a name to go with his most notable characteristic of yelling "ME! MEEEEE!" at extremely high pitch whenever anyone ignored him.
Then I thought about the marking on his nose and his newfound habit of running the full length of the house at top speed to pounce on his knotted sock, and out came the official pronouncement:
Zipper the Zippernose.
Not to mention that he's the purring-est kitten I've ever known, so his name also gets parsed as Zip-Purr.

7 October 1999

29 January 2000: At seven months, Zipper is getting downright huge--almost as big as Uddy--

and has a teeny new playmate, Xena.
just one last cute kitten picture
Zipper's not quite as much of an Arctic adventurer as Bosco was, despite appearances here.
He very proudly reached this shelf by an impossible sideways leap in full sight of Xena.
Some cats demand to come in to play with the droplets in the shower. Zipper just has to display himself handsomely on the bathmat.
23 April 2000
Candlelight dinner,
as we feebly try to cleanse the dining room of years of cigarette smoke
10 August 2000

more of the first week's teensy kitten pictures:

Helping with the dishes; helping fix the computer:

Here we have the oldest and the newest asleep together on the futon. Is the picture rightside up or upside down? Without that elbow on the left it'd be hard to tell!

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